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Subject: And Now, The AH-64E
SYSOP    11/5/2012 5:35:31 AM
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WinsettZ       11/5/2012 9:33:10 AM
Well that's good. Foreign customers will keep the line open.
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flyingarty    Question   11/6/2012 1:27:24 PM
Could the AH-64E launch missiles from a Reaper drone or communicate with the air handler to have him fire at some thing the chopper spots?
Can the AH-64 communicate with a HIMARS or M270 to have it fire its missiles? This seems like it should be in place but I have never had this question answered.
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WinsettZ       11/8/2012 4:53:36 PM
MLRS and HIMARS aren't networked quite like that...yet.
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