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Subject: Chad President says Al Qaeda stole missiles from Libya
YelliChink    3/25/2011 5:06:33 PM In French.
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heraldabc       3/25/2011 9:35:27 PM
Am I reading this implication, right, YC? AQ is smuggling overrun Libyan government arsenal MANPADS and other arms out of the country wholesale to its oversea terror cells globally?
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heraldabc       3/25/2011 9:55:16 PM

From the French.
Deby said the Chadian qu'Aqmi seized missiles to Libya

(AFP) - 12 hours ago

PARIS - Chadian President Idriss Deby said in an interview with the weekly Jeune Afrique, to be published Monday, that Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) took advantage of the uprising in Libya to take ground-air missiles (MANPADS).

"What is my worry? Concerned, is it? Is what is happening TODAY? Now in Libya and the risk? Implosion of that country," said Deby. "The Islamists?  Al-Qaeda took advantage of looting arsenals in the rebel zone for its own purposes? Supplies of arms seized, including surface to air missiles, which are subsequently leaking into their sanctuaries in the Ténéré (central Sahara, etc.), "he added.

"What? It is very serious. AQIM is becoming a real army, the best equipped in the region," he said, asserting that he was sure "of 100%" of his claims.

The Chadian President believes that there is "some truth" in the statements of what Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has said repeatedly. [that the uprising is] manipulated [by the?] qu'Aqmi insurgents.

"There [it is?], in what?" He said, [an element of truth?]. Which [up/] ? How? I? [Know?]. But I am sure of that? AQIM has taken an active part in the uprising," he said.

After years of severe tensions with Libya's Colonel Gaddafi, whom Chad has been at war in the 1980s, Idriss Deby now maintains [Chad has] very good relations with its neighbor.

The Chadian leader has called it a "hasty decision" [the] military intervention launched last Saturday by an international coalition led by France, the United States and Great Britain. It "can have serious consequences for regional destabilization and spread of terrorism in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa," he lamented.

Idriss Deby has also denied reports that Chadian mercenaries participate in the fighting alongside the regular forces of Libya.

"It is  [not?] us. Are no chains, official or unofficial, to recruit mercenaries for Libya. That said, hundreds of thousands of Chadians live in Libya, some long since are integrated into the society of that country. No? Is it impossible [that?] a handful [of?] them have [been able to?] one way [or?] another, [to] participate in individual battles," he said.

Copyright © 2011 AFP. All rights reserved

I am not very sure that I translated it correctly.
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