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Subject: True Rankings India is way beyond pakistan
hinduatma    10/3/2005 3:26:54 AM
I donno About GLobal something website...Just look upto this site Pakis never feel happy.Every body knows how some Websites can be.I think Pakistan shud look at its peanut shaped budget and shud think that what will it build from that meagre amount........... India Country Pakistan Flag $14,018.8 Million Yearly Military Expense $2.7 Billion 2.4% % of GNP 3.9% 17 Min. Enlist Age 17 293,677,117 Available Manpower 39,793,586 1,100,000 Active Military 550,000 800,000 Frontline Personnel 400,000 3,382 Aircraft 1,012 5,112 Armor 3,445 7,169 Artillery 3,952 7,400 Missile Defense 2,100 7,100 Infantry Support 3,025
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