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Subject: Recipe for Pakistan's Improvement
enlighten    11/26/2005 5:49:41 PM
Pakistan has always concentrated on getting assistance from the US and other countries to boost its armed forces. The evil of corruption is nearly universal, but Pakistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and about 15 per cent of all cash received is stolen by government officials. There is corruption in India too, but it is at a lower level. After independence in 1947, India preferred to get assistance from the US to establish five Indian technological institutes based on the American MIT model. Now there are more IT institutes and many more similar management institutes in the country. It is these world-class institutes that have provided brilliant scientists, mathematicians and IT engineers generating top-tier knowledge based industries, huge direct and indirect employment and billions in export earnings. These men and women have given ‘Brand India’ an international credibility and many of them have returned from the west to start high-tech industries; they have also donated hundreds of millions of dollars to support these institutes. This success continues to help other Indian industries and service providers in the global economy. India is fast becoming a hub for cutting edge research and development across the whole spectrum of the economy and has developed into a significant out-sourcing destination for global auto and pharma-biotech industries. India is willing to assist Pakistan in its economic and social development, provided Pakistan gives up its confrontation with and cross-border terrorism into Indian Kashmir and elsewhere. Pakistan must change its educational system and exclude religion from non-religious fields if it wants to become a modern and successful economic power in a highly competitive international economy. Pakistan also needs to give up manipulation of economy and statistics to create international confidence in the country and its management. It is generally accepted by independent observers in Pakistan and abroad that the country’s population is about 160 million, while the government cites the figure at 150 million. According to The Economist’s special report, “World in 2006”, estimated GDP growth and per capita income for India and Pakistan are 6.8 per cent and 6.6 per cent and $772 and $727 respectively. India is clearly expected to do better on the basis of past data and expectations for the year 2006. However, last year, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz stated that Pakistan’s per capita income was about 25 per cent higher than India’s. One just has to look at international publications like the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times (not Indian propaganda) as well as read the speeches of international politicians and business leaders to realize that India is fast becoming a global economic and hence political and military power in the 21st century. That is why international business leaders and airlines are flooding into India for mutually beneficial relationships. It is therefore in Pakistan’s interest to cooperate with India.
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