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trustedsourceofinfo    11/12/2005 4:44:12 PM
All that big talk spewing from the Pakis abt respect for minorities. The easiest way to incite you already crazed Koranic pigs is the mere mention of the Koran..isnt it! Think logically-wud any man in this fanatic land of Pakistan ever dare to disrespect the Koran.Yet,it seems like a convenient excuse for your Imams and the rest of you Koranic pigs to brutally execute hapless minorities.,000500020000.htm Angry Muslims burn two churches in Pakistan Associated Press Lahore (Pakistan), November 12, 2005|19:39 IST Advertisement A crowd of about 1,500 Muslims attacked and burned two churches in eastern Pakistan on Saturday following reports that a man of the Christian community had desecrated Islam's holy book, the Quran, police said. A school, student hostel and the home of a priest were also torched in the incident near the town of Sangla Hill, about 130 kilometers northeast of Lahore, said area police official Ali Asghar Dogar. The attacks came a day after a local Muslim resident accused Yousaf Masih, a Christian, of burning a one-room Islamic school along with copies of the Quran. Dogar said no one was injured in the attacks, which were being investigated. About two-dozen people had been arrested over the incident, he said. Protesters also burned tyres on village roads and blocked traffic for several hours. Shahbaz Bhatti, head of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance - which promotes the rights of minorities in mainly Sunni Muslim Pakistan - denied the charges and condemned the attacks. "No Christian burned copies of the Quran," he said. "No Christian even can think of doing it," he said. "We have maximum regard and respect for the Quran and Islam's Prophet Muhammad." Local Muslim leaders used mosque public address systems to urge Muslims to attack the churches, Bhatti said. Dogar said police were also investigating the burning last night of the Quran school.
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enlighten    RE:SO THIS IS HOW YOU'LL PAKIS DO IT~   11/12/2005 5:49:36 PM
This is what muslims do not understand you can burn n number of Qurans or or that matter ny relegious book such as Bible/Gita and recreate n number of books of similar in nature within matter of hours/minutes. Science and Technology can help to do that. But killing people for peice of paper is utter foolishness. No human can recreate the loss of life. These acts should not be done by human being to fellow human being. life is precious live and let live Islam make the human being ignorant and idiot .If you ask the people those committed these crime(burning priest), they would say that Islam says kill infidel and justify their actions.
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PunjabiSikhWarrior    RE:SO THIS IS HOW YOU'LL PAKIS DO IT~   11/12/2005 10:00:24 PM
Well at least the paki's let christians build there places of worship for some time and than latter on destroy them... by muslim standerds this is being very liberal ... since in the koran it says that they are not allowed to build there own places of worship...
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:SO THIS IS HOW YOU'LL PAKIS DO IT~   11/12/2005 10:35:45 PM
My first reaction would be that these churches would have existed pre partition!
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:look at this...   11/13/2005 3:25:21 PM
"""Some people told us last night that it was done by Yousaf Masih, and we have registered a case against him," Dogar said. Another police official, Pervez Rahim, said Masih had been detained as part of the investigation. However, Dogar said the allegations against Masih were apparently levelled by people who lost money while gambling with him on Friday"" -->Typical diabolical talk!On one hand Dogar mentions that the allegations against Masih were levelled by fellow gamblers and on the other hand charges have been pressed against Masih and probably he'll be the only one arrested and prosecuted.Well,he's been arrested already!
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papareezoo    RE:hello dum source of info   11/14/2005 12:08:56 AM
For your information, Yusaf Masih did this 2 months ago and you are aware of it now......Ok, it happens with hindus. Always late. Yusaf Masih is released by the police as he was proved mental disable...It was Paksitan police who released him, If it would have been indian, they would have cashed it. Really a Poor Soul.
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:SO THIS IS HOW YOU'LL PAKIS DO IT~   11/14/2005 1:05:16 AM
Its evident that you cant write decent English but now its eveident that you cant even read simple English. ""Associated Press Lahore (Pakistan), November 12, 2005|19:39 IST"" "burned two churches in eastern Pakistan on Saturday" Which part do you NOT understand?
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papareezoo    RE:SO THIS IS HOW YOU'LL PAKIS DO IT~   11/15/2005 6:12:44 AM
You lack in both basic education and necessary information on various issues.
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Pseudonym    You guys really don't like Fried Chicken   11/15/2005 8:18:10 PM "Bomb explodes outside Karachi KFC restaurant At least three people killed, 12 wounded in downtown blast KARACHI, Pakistan - A powerful car bomb exploded outside a KFC restaurant in the southern Pakistan city of Karachi on Tuesday, killing at least three people and injuring 12 others, police said. The ethnic Baluch nationalist group from southwestern Pakistan claimed responsibility. Chakar Azam, spokesman for the Baluchistan National Army, said they detonated the car bomb outside a building where the offices of Pakistan Petroleum Limited are located -- also near a KFC restaurant. "We claim responsibility for it," Azam said in a telephone call to The Associated Press. "We didn't want to hurt civilians." " I like the part about not wanting to hurt civilians. THEN WHY DID YOU EXPLODE A BOMB ON A BUSY STREET DURING DAYLIGHT?
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enlighten    RE:SO THIS IS HOW YOU'LL PAKIS DO IT~   11/15/2005 8:35:21 PM
THE burning down on Saturday of three churches, a missionary-run school, two hostels and several houses belonging to the Christian community by an enraged mob of some 3,000 people in Punjab’s Nankana district speaks volumes for the bigotry and intolerance that misguided mullahs often preach against minorities. Following allegations of blasphemy levelled against one Yousaf Masih by his gambling partners who accused him of torching the Holy Quran, calls were reportedly given from mosque loudspeakers to punish the local Christians. According to Lahore archbishop Lawrence Saldanaha, the assault on some 300 families residing in the area was carried out by people who had been brought there by buses from outside. The alleged desecration of the holy book took place on Friday, which gave the local fanatics enough time to plan the attack against the minority community the next day. That the police stood aside and failed to pre-empt the strikes against Christian institutions despite apprehensions voiced to the effect by community leaders is all the more incomprehensible. The extensive damage caused to property and the communal tension now gripping the area could have been prevented if timely action had been taken by the security authorities. This is not the first time that whipped-up mob hysteria has taken such a terrible toll. There have been similar instances in the recent past when pesh imams got mobs to lynch those whom they accused of committing blasphemy. For instance, the stoning to death of one Zahid Shah in Jaranwala in July 2002, was shocking beyond belief. Blasphemy accused have been murdered in custody by fellow prisoners and police guards, and there have also been cases when those acquitted by a court of law were gunned down. Even a Lahore High Court judge who had found an accused not guilty as charged was shot dead in 1996. The attackers in such cases have never been brought to book. The problem is rooted equally in the controversial blasphemy laws that were enforced through an ordinance by Gen Ziaul Haq in 1986 and in the state’s prevarication on the problem of bigotry in society. Since the latest violence in Nankana’s Sangla Hill area has targeted and shaken an entire community, the Punjab government must act swiftly, and with firmness, to bring the perpetrators to justice. Those who have suffered losses for no fault of theirs must also be compensated and made to feel secure in their homes and places of worship. Dawn 15 nov 05
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papareezoo    RE:Funny Idiots   11/15/2005 11:58:22 PM
What else can i have as a subject. Bomb exploded in Dehli *By I.B* , We (Pakistanies) were held responsible. Bomb exploded in Karachi *By RAW*, again we are accused.... You funny idiots, International Snooker Championship is taking place in Karachi next month, England will play Pakistan in a one-dayer next month, International donner conference is taking place on 19th of this month.....How can Pakistan sabutazzz these by conducting a bomb explosion.... It were you radical, hindu, fanatic hindus who conducted this. Isn't it...Yes it is.
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