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Subject: Pak minorities compared to Indian minorities
meaningful    11/6/2005 3:28:45 PM
Well!! millions of articles have been written about how cruel Indians or HIndus can be. Any Pakistani can easily draw a list of non positive things about their foe religion. If they could show the same enthusiam in something constructive, then maybe Pak might be a developed country by now... Anywaz the fact of the matter is that Muslim population has increased after partition(after the migration) to what it is now in India and Hindu population has dwindled to such an extent in Pak, that even Christians are outnumbering them. Strange!! In India i have never come across Muslim women being raped/abducted ot forcibly converted. The same is not true in Pak, where their own Dawn Newspaper has lots of instances of forcible abduction and conversion. Many Pakis might think of Hindus as treacherous or evil or whatever possible words that exist in the dictionary. But u can point a finger at your neighbour only if u are a paragon of virtue. Pak is a hotbed of terrorism and fanaticsm. They do not spare their own brethren leave alone Hindus or Christians. But then they talk about brahmins illtreating Hindus. Well sorry to say but this no longer exists in India(maybe in some few states like Bihar or UP). But in Pak all states happen to be like Bihar or UP. I think if Pak people do some soul searching, they will really find some good answers. As the Bhagavad Gita says, the real enemy is not your enemy but your own mind and senses. I think if the Pak people learn to control their mind and sense we can definately see a drastic change in their progress towards prosperity
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