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trustedsourceofinfo    10/30/2005 5:43:57 PM
I honestly think enough has been said and told last night! I'm pretty sure neither the Indians or the Pakis want a repeat of the same! Going forward-I suggest that we Indians write on our boards and Pakis write on their boards! No Tresspassing! If Pakis masquerade as Indians and the Pakis do not police the nutter we will go thru the same kind of stuff that we did last nite.. The same goes for us Indians---we should police any Indians who masquerade as Pakis and write on the Paki board.. If any Paki,especially renegade,eggs on these Pakis masquerading as Indians all gloves will be off once again.... If we stick to this,I assure you'll we'll not see a repeat of last nite... Indian Cadet-its time for u to make a graceful exit and stick to some constructive discussion on your Pakistani board!
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:I PROPOSE THE FOLLOWING   10/30/2005 5:45:50 PM
Do not copy my post and replace India with pakistan etc just for the heck of it...I personally wanna make a difference to our boards!
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