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Mother of Pakistan    10/30/2005 3:20:33 AM
" It is for the interest of the Brahmans that these unhappy women [ Satis ] maintain the resolution they have taken to burn themselves, for all the bracelets which they wear, both in arms and legs, with their earrings and rings, belong of right to the Brahmans, who search for them in the ashes after the women are burnt. " Sita, citing Tavernier Chapter 5 " Now, what was the main reason for the Brahmins enforcing child marriage and incest upon the subject populations ? The answer is that these activities led to the permanent genetic degradation of the non-Brahmin races ... These were hence convenient methods for the Brahmins to annihilate the non-Brahmins and establish a pure Brahmavarta ! " -- Sita, Chapter 1 nOW THAT I HAVE HADITHS OF UR HOLY TELL ME WOMEN ARE TREATED UNFAIRLY EVEN IN UR HOLY BOOK
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eatmee    RE:TSi ANSWER THIS..GENOCIDE OF WOMEN IN HINDUISM   10/30/2005 4:45:24 PM
All your hell bent religions are oppressive and dictating to women, in this way or that way. But Islam has got to be the worst. Making woeman wear those burkha things from head to foot, you cannt even see them. That is not normal human behaviour
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eatmee    RE:The Hindus are running Scared Sheitles...its ure turn to destroy them   10/30/2005 8:54:34 PM
In addition to what i said before i would like to challenge pakistans burkha policy again, because; He says they inbreeding in india is a bad thing. I agree. But the moslems also make forced marriages in pakistan, we hear about them all the time here and the 'honor killing' of inocent women by men they are forced to take from pakistan. This is also inbreeding just the same. Making women wear burkhas is also a restriction and problem to human evolution aswell. And i should think also leads to some form of genetic weakening. The simple prolem that you cannot see how attractive a woman is that you want, means you cannt see how attractive or genetically evolved they are. there fore they could be ugly/primitive and basically your genetic stock can degrade in the entire population who live in such a nature restricting way.
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