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Subject: Warning to Pakistanis
HoundOfHello    9/27/2005 4:16:53 PM
Now that you've gotten your own damn board why the hell am I still seeing a$$holes with made up Indian handles posting absolute BS on our board? I realize that these ba$tards are only a small minority, but do us a favor and keep your a$$holes on your board, and we'll do the same on ours. Thanks. Remember, SYSOPs won't hesitate to kick our butts if we go back to our old ways. Lets keep it clean shall we? -HoH
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HoundOfHello    RE:Warning to Pakistanis   9/27/2005 5:35:54 PM
Sorry for the harsh words but it just pisses me off when I have to see some idiot masqerading as an Indian and spewing meaningless garbage. -HoH
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Mother of Pakistan    RE:Warning to Pakistanis   9/29/2005 7:38:52 AM
Well it feels great to insult an Indian.But i changed my mind after SYSOPS gived us that Warning.I also finnished it cuz of that CNN program "road to peace" Anybody whos doing these things stop it i dont want to loose my membership in this fasinating board -MOP
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