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Subject: Inzamam ul Haq
Indian cadet    10/29/2005 6:45:41 AM
A Paki in the Ten most feared people in sports ; AND SORRY TO ALL INDIANS ,no one among ibillion smartees. lol 3. Inzaman-ul-Haq Sport: Cricket Career Highlights: Pakistan's team captain is considered one of the greatest batsmen in the world. In 1992, he scored 60 in 37 balls against New Zealand in the semifinal of the World Cup to almost single-handedly win the match for his national squad. He also scored the 12th highest score by a batsman (329) against New Zealand in Lehore for a Test match in 2001-02. So, why are his opponents so scared of him? Inzaman is an absolute giant in the cricket world. After a win over England in 2000, teammate Waqar Younis said of Inzaman-ul-Haq, "We worked really hard. Especially Inzy; he's probably the best player in the world at the moment." But, Inzy's style is quite unique. Not exactly the symbol for fitness in the sport, the hefty batsman is known for a surprisingly soft touch. Think David Ortiz as a slap singles hitter. Nearly impossible to get out, the thought of Inzaman-ul-Haq keeps opposing bowlers up late at night.
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