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counterstrike    10/28/2005 3:14:41 PM
Arnaud de Borchgrave interviews Hameed Gul, former chief of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) UPI, Sept 26, 2001. RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- The retired Pakistani general who is closest to the Taliban and Osama bin Laden contends the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington were the work of renegade U.S. Air Force elements working with the Israelis. Gen. Hameed Gul led Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence during the war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Gul serves as an adviser to Pakistan's extremist religious political parties, which oppose their government's decision to support the United States in any action against Afghanistan's Taliban regime. Gul contends bin Laden had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, saying instead that they were the work of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service -- a version of events that has been endorsed by Islamic fundamentalist clerics and is widely accepted by Muslims throughout the Arab world. Here is the transcript of the exclusive interview Gul gave to Arnaud de Borchgrave, United Press International editor at large: de Borchgrave: So who did Black Sept. 11? Hamid Gul: Mossad and its accomplices. The U.S. spends billion a year on its 11 intelligence agencies. That's 0 billion in 10 years. Yet the Bush Administration says it was taken by surprise. I don't believe it. Within 10 minutes of the second twin tower being hit in the World Trade Center ... CNN said Osama bin Laden had done it. That was a planned piece of disinformation by the real perpetrators. It created an instant mindset and put public opinion into a trance, which prevented even intelligent people from thinking for themselves. de Borchgrave: So you're already convinced bin Laden didn't do it? Hamid Gul: I know bin Laden and his associates. I've been with them here, in Europe and the Middle East. They are graduates of the best universities and are highly intelligent with impressive degrees and speak impeccable English. These are people who have rediscovered fundamental Islamic values. Many come from the Gulf countries where ruling royal families have generated hatred by the way they flout divine law, wasting billions on gratifying their whims, jetting around in large private jets by themselves, and sailing the Mediterranean in big private boats for weeks on end. Osama's best recruits come from feudal areas that are U.S. protectorates and where millions of poor people are seeking human dignity. I have even visited a Christian convent school in Murree, 60 miles from here, where my 13-year-old daughter is studying. The young girls there have told me Osama is their hero. Osama's followers identify with Mujahideen freedom fighters wherever they are defending Islam and its values. de Borchgrave: So what makes you think Osama wasn't behind Sept. 11? Hamid Gul: From a cave inside a mountain or a peasant's hovel? Let's be serious. Osama inspires countless millions by standing up for Islam against American and Israeli imperialism. He doesn't have the means for such a sophisticated operation. de Borchgrave: Why Mossad? Hamid Gul: Mossad and its American associates are the obvious culprits. Who benefits from the crime? The attacks against the twin towers started at 8:45 a.m. and four flights are diverted from their assigned air space and no air traffic controller sounds the alarm. And no Air Force jets scramble until 10 a.m. That also smacks of a small scale Air Force rebellion, a coup against the Pentagon perhaps? Radars are jammed, transponders fail. No IFF -- friend or foe identification -- challenge. In Pakistan, if there is no response to IFF, jets are instantly scrambled and the aircraft is shot down with no further questions asked. This was clearly an inside job. Bush was afraid and rushed to the shelter of a nuclear bunker. He clearly feared a nuclear situation. Who could that have been? Will that also be hushed up in the investigation, like the Warren report after the Kennedy assassination? de Borchgrave: At this point, someone might be asking what you've been smoking. What is Israel's interest in such a monstrous plot, which, of course, no one believes except Islamist extremists who concocted this piece of disinformation in the first place, presumably to detract from the real culprits? Hamid Gul: Jews never agreed to Bush 41 (George H.W. Bush, the 41st president) or 43 (his son George W. Bush, the 43rd president). They made sure Bush senior didn't get a second term. His land-for-peace pressure in Palestine didn't suit Israel. They were also against the young Bush because he was considered too close to oil interests and the Gulf countries. Bush senior and Jim Baker had raised 0 million for Bush junior, much of it from Mideast sources or their American go-betweens. Bush 41 and Baker, as private citizens, had also facilitated the new strategic relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran. I have this f
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venom    RE:SWB   10/29/2005 6:09:30 PM
"what a desperate attempt to show some civility in your arguments maybe thats the reason you don't show your face in any other board expect this one because your level of intellect is so embarrasing" LOL,These "Brah-min's" keep on showing how smart they are by posting all kinds of Propaganda that there leader BRAHMINS taught them.Just read Krishnafighter's post. He's the first Hindu that I in this board who ever admitted that you guys drink cow urine and to top it off he posts a link about it.You guys call us terrorist while your VEDAS are filled with war,sexual fantasies,lust and whole bunch of fairy tale like stories.India is No doubly the Nazi germany of the 21 century.
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swhitebull    RE:SWB Venom and Renny   10/29/2005 7:40:40 PM
...LOL,These "Brah-min's" keep on showing how smart they are by posting all kinds of Propaganda that there leader BRAHMINS taught them.... That would apply if I were Brahmin, or Hindi, but, alas, I claim neither as my source of origin. Good ol' US of A for 5 generations, from Eastern and Central Europe. Sorry to diappoint you blowfaces, but them's the facts, jack. Bomb any Indians lately? .... ..."what a desperate attempt to show some civility in your arguments maybe thats the reason you don't show your face in any other board expect this one because your level of intellect is so embarrasing.. Uh yeah, right. Whatever you say. Seems you dont get out much, do you ? try googling swhitebull strategypage, kiddo. You'll find a rich history on the US, Armed Forces, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Terrorism, Eternal Wars, et al boards. Been here for 4 years posting merrily away, can you say the same? Perhaps start by looking up UN resolutions, or NPT treaties, or Geneva Protocols for starters on these boards - for Dummies, of course. Areas of specialty. Other than a high school education for you, what have YOU published here that is original, rather than a cut and paste job? We'll start here with this one, under my byline, published BY StrategyPage last year, a situation that could EASILY apply to Hindi troops rousting out Pakistani-supported terrorists or cross-border excusions: Anything unclear about this? Or is this above your ability to understand? swhitebull - When you get a little more street cred here, maybe You will be taken more seriously. rather than posting just rehashed Islamic excuses Now go along and play with your raisins, sonny. Houris are a wee bit out of your league at your tender age.
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Dude any head can see that we were clearly refering to the hindu nazi TSI,thanks for showing how smart you really are.So have you burnd any Crosses latley or have you and you'r KKK friends stayed cool after your protest went bad.Dude everyone knows you on this board (A FIFTY YEAR OLD LOSER WHO LIVES IN THERE PARENTS BASEMENT)....
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Well, it didnt take long to show the true stripes of this one-day wonder to bring up BOTH the Nazi and KKK card in one post - Godwin's law at work. we suggest that his next avatar look up the website's rules of use and abuse. next time, we wont be so lenient. Well, no great loss to the boards. And he has been treated more than fairly. The SysOps Collective.
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counterstrike    RE:The SysOps Collective.   10/29/2005 10:01:06 PM
I thought the venom was far much better that Indian Cadet, and how come he is still out there???
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