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Subject: SARABJIT...
Mother of Pakistan    10/27/2005 11:06:09 PM
Here ma words We are freeing u so u can go and piss on ur family.Another Bomb in Lahore we will cut ur DICK is dat heavy
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counterstrike    RE:SARABJIT...   10/28/2005 11:43:40 AM
MOP, here me first. MR.Pervez is considering to release him bcoz he knows the truth. He didn't bomb any body. Will any army GEN forgive some one who Bombed his mother nation even to send the right message of peace?---> Think abt it!!!, According to me even Mahatma Ghandi wouldn't!!!
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meaningful    RE:SARABJIT...   11/6/2005 3:38:07 PM
i think the author of this board is jealous that Sarabjit has a dick and he doesn't have any!!! hmmmmmmmm...!!!
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bullseye    MOTHER OF PAK...   11/8/2005 7:17:12 AM
Mop, iam sure u r a much better person than u project yourself to be on the pak and indian boards...why dont u project ur true self and post somthing worthy of discussion... B.E
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