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Subject: Dont Compare India with countries like Pakistan : US
Genesis    10/20/2005 12:04:20 PM
No equation between India & Pakistan : US Defending its decision to give aid to India on nuclear-power related issues, the Bush administration said there could be no equation between India and Pakistan on the matter. The administration said it was going to have individual ties with the two in the case of civil nuclear cooperation. "There is no reason for us to have a hyphenated strategic framework for South Asia. There are issues where the US policy intersects and there are issues where we can have individual relationships with both countries. "And certainly in the case of civil nuclear cooperation, we are going to have individual relationships," Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said . "And, the fact is that India has a record of non-proliferation, which is exceptional; very strong commitment to protection of fissile material, other nuclear materials and nuclear technology; and there is a transparency about India's programme, which has been welcomed," he said. "India has safeguarded reactors. In Tarapur, for instance, the reactors were built long ago by American firms," Burns said. The US decision to seek a new partnership is "not directed against any third country" but stands on its own, Burns said. But the truth is clear for everyone to see. G
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