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Subject: A1 Grand Prix - Race Results
K2    9/25/2005 10:11:19 PM
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papareezoo    RE:A1 Grand Prix - Race Results   9/26/2005 2:17:24 AM
WOW! That's great man. These guy's Adam Khan and Noor Ali need a little motivation and sponsorship to clinch the top three spots.
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Mother of Pakistan    RE:A1 Grand Prix - Race Results   9/26/2005 10:11:14 AM
They have a lot of sponsorship.Almost 7 to 8 companies has sponsered A1grand prix car even my Geo registered but failed. If that pitstop wouldnt have happened we would have taken 2 or 1 cuz both Brazil and Australia came out late in the pitstop.Well my two objectves were successful firstly we beat India and America secondly we are in Top 7 in points table -MOP
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K2    RE:A1 Grand Prix - Some Pictures   10/1/2005 10:40:46 AM
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HoundOfHello    RE:A1 Grand Prix - Race Results   10/1/2005 10:51:59 AM
Congrats on your performance guys! -HoH
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