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Subject: Pak Blackmails World on Quake Aid
sanman    10/18/2005 9:31:40 PM
The science journal Nature is the oldest and most prestigious science journal in the world: They are pointing out how Pakistan is blackmailing international aid organizations by threatening to block them from helping victims in Pakistan, if such aid organizations don't remove hi-resolution satellite pictures of Pakistan from their public access websites. Denying the outside world access to treat the quake victims is Pakistan's only lever in getting outsiders not to public satellite pictures which Islamabad feels will allegedly threaten its national security. Imagine that -- the people Pakistan pretends to love are dying en masse, and the Pakistani govt is willing to play with their lives, trying to leverage them to extract concessions from an international community which is obviously more concerned about those lives than the Pakistani govt itself is. Morally, it's quite reprehensible, and no different from a man grabbing his wife or sister and holding a knife to their throating, threatening to kill them if the world doesn't do what he says. Behold the truest picture of the military dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is a far mor revealing image than any satellite photograph, don't you think?
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Genesis    RE:Pak Blackmails World on Quake Aid   10/20/2005 1:33:04 AM
This is nothing new for pakistan!
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