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Subject: Imam explains the reason for quake
Root Locus    10/17/2005 2:28:37 AM
Four people handed over their television sets for setting on fire after the Imam (prayer leader) of Eid Gaah, Garhi Habibullah, issued a call to the general public to destroy their TVs to put an end to ‘increasing obscenity’. Prayer leader Shafqat-ur-Rehman, when contacted by this reporter, said he had issued the call to general public for putting their TV sets on fire because he believed that obscenity being spread through cable networks was responsible for the devastating earthquake. “I made a call to this effect during combined Dua following Fajr prayers on Monday (Oct 10, 2005)” said Mr Rehman, adding that “the destruction caused by the earthquake was God’s wrath for the obscenity promoted by cable networks”. It was only six months ago cable network started in Garhi Habibullah. People of the area housing Markazi Eid Gaah (Central mosque where Eid prayers are offered) told this reporter that the prayer leader had set ablaze all the four TV handed over to him. The prayer leader, talking to Dawn, said that a number of people had pledged to hand over their TV sets to him. However, only four turned up because a vast majority of the local people had lost household items, including TV sets, when their homes destroyed by the quake. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Whatever happened to tectonic plate movements,fault lines........ ROFL....... RL
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Root Locus    RE:Imam explains the reason for quake   10/17/2005 4:08:22 AM
Hehe! No need to get pissed off renegade! I was taking a dig at that Imam, not at Islam. So calm down. Hehehe. Also,some hindu priest did make comments abt plague.I had a good laugh then! Hehehehe. But what surprised me was that people fell for it,and handed their tv sets in this imam's case!hehehe RL
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Root Locus    RE:Imam explains the reason for quake   10/17/2005 11:05:50 AM
Ok u are talking about numbers? Do u know have many have been victim of Islamic terrorists all over the world?countless! It's these kind of idiotic comments by these kind of stupid mullahs/imams that is fuelling the fanatics,thereby killing countless innocents! RL
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Jatinderpal    RE:Imam explains the reason for quake   10/17/2005 8:40:46 PM
Killing muslim terrorists in kashmir is atually very humane. These poor miserable terrorists need to be sent to paradise where 72 virgins are waiting for them, ASAP, so the sooner the Indian Armed Forces send islamicist terrorists to heaven the better. Just think,if the Indian Army was really really good, the count would have been 8 million islamicist terrorists of kashmir sent to heaven. This would be music to my battle weary (battles with islamicist terrorists) ears. How about deporting islamicist terrorist sympathizers from the United States back to their native madrassa infested lands?
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