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Subject: Might has to Right
papareezoo    10/10/2005 1:05:39 AM
I do believe that, SYSOPS is aware with the recent developments and posts on both India and Pakistan Boards. I would like to draw SYSOPS kind attention to the post by Renegade “Warning to Indians 10/4/2005 1:36:35 PM., where he “Warned” Indians. Responding quickly, SYSOPS “Warned” Renegade for such post in very harsh words, (may be justified)… despite of the fact that, it was in response to HoH, but unfortunately, no attention was paid to Hound of Hollows Warning to Pakistanis 9/27/2005 4:16:54 PM where he used some very bad, coarse and uneven words and abused a lot as well. I know, that I am not in a position to question SYSOPS about its deeds, but hope SYSOPS will not be biased based but neutral and give the same bat to Indians and Pakistanis. At the end, I would like to say that, SYSOPS when Indians abuse Islam, Prophet and Pakistan, we look for your response to teach them lesson and kick them out, but when there is nothing from your side, then for surely some one has to give ‘warning’. So, please take action accordingly, If possible.
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HoundOfHello    RE:Might has to Right and paperzoo has to learn how to read!   10/10/2005 4:41:47 PM
Read Renegade's post clearly genius! He wasn't even referring to me! He was referring to afg4ever! My post was in response to yet another "cow urine" post by another Pakistani who used an Indian name in his handle, rajput. That's who I meant by "a$$holes". If you can't read simple English then I can arrange for some Hooked on Phonics for you. If you think you can, then please do so and stop posting these mindless threads. SYSOPs reprimanded Renegade because he threatened to "retaliate will full force on the Indian board." They're right anyhow---only SYSOPs has the power to retaliate against anyone. As for me being banned, dream on. Fool, the few times I've crossed the line pale in comparison to the kind of hate you used to spew Mr. paperzoo. Remember that the next time you want to try and justify the actions of your comrades. -HoH
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papareezoo    RE:Might has to Right and paperzoo has to learn how to read!   10/11/2005 2:34:25 AM
My Dear HoH! Why can't you pick the the theme of my post? I do beleive that, you are not the best person to decide that either A Pakistani is appearing as Indian? Your allegation is false as ever. Secondly, You use a very bad language. Can you give me a single example of a Pakistani poster, who abused any Indian? Do you? simply no. Can you refer me to a thread, where any Pakistani is using words like a$$holes, buts, cow urine etc.... precisely, it doesn't suits an educated person. And, please no usual rants this time.
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