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Subject: the Divine Retribution game
doggtag    10/8/2005 11:55:48 AM
OK, so by now many of us have heard about the 7.6 quake that centered not far from Islamabad. Although I personally frown on the "Act of God" explanation that some religiously-minded people claimed was why the USA suffered recently from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita because we (USA) have been "interfering" in too many other nations' affairs, has there been any religious leaders around the world who are using the same mentality in light of the recent earthquake? Meaning, has anyone suggested that great Allah in all His Divine Wisdom has decided that muslims in this region hit by the quake offended Him in some form, and this is now His Retribution upon them for angered Him for whatever reason? Although I wholly despise racism and segregative societal behavior, there were some muslims (and others, including a Jewish rabbi who has questionable ideas on other aspects of history) who voiced their opinions that somehow the USA deserved the suffering it endured at the hands of the two hurricanes, with some even labeling Katrina as a "warrior of the cause" in the jihad against America. So using that same muslim reasoning, can we then suggest that Allah, or perhaps the Christian God instead (many would argue They are not one and the same), has vented His anger upon those in that region by smoting them with an earthquake? Myself, I still believe mankind has perversed every religion to the point that it's 50/50 some truth and certainly some misconception, and no one person can absolutely say for 100% certainty what occurences in the world are true Acts of God (where an actual, omnipotent being of unfathomable conscience decided to smote humanity for whatever reason), and what are merely common happenings in the planet's environmental and geologic cycles: we mere mortals, just through our ignorance and lack of understanding, blame everything that we cannot justify or explain easily by labeling them Acts of God. So let's hear it then from all those who suggest America's sinful nature and decadence brought this suffering from the hurricanes upon ourselves: who out there then believes that somewhere in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan someone offended the Great God Allah and brought down His Retribution upon them? The populations affected in the areas the quake assaulted were predominantly muslim as opposed to hindu or any other religious creed, so please do not consider this an attack on my behalf at muslims. None of us want to personally believe we are evil in our hearts, and in each of our minds we want to believe the Higher Forces we cling to would be more precise while attacking our perceived unholy enemies, but certainly somewhere out there in all that earthquake-ravaged area, many are asking in prayer, "My God, what have I done to offend thee that You would send such tribulation upon me?" (basically, "what did I do to deserve this?") I know many people in the wake of the American hurricanes asked the same thing of their god(s). So were any of these recent "natural" calamities true Acts of God because He's just generally angry at any given region of the world? Or is it all just part of Nature, which quite often reminds us mere humans that all our technologies and beliefs and science and military power mean absolutely NOTHING when compared to the forces the planet can exert? Fear not, Pakistan: regardless of how many muslims in your ranks despise America, we will still send our emergency services, medical aid, food, and money to help you recover from this disaster, even as our own people are still suffering.
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counterstrike    RE:the Divine Retribution game   10/8/2005 1:15:43 PM
Yes mate, these kind of misconceptions have occured in the past too and are still occuring. but GOD NEVER PUNISHES INOCCENT PEOPLE. If some idiots are still going to insist that Kartina & Rita were acts of God,then i would reckon that these guys have fallen into an abyss of ignorance What abt the Tsunami in which many muslims died or the Stampede in Mecca were many muslims died? would u also say they were acts of God ? I reckon NO. These are great disasters for mankind and giving a religious color to these things are more disasterous to mankind!!! Let us help each other in the hour of crisis, than trying to find totally absurd answers!!
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sanman    RE:the Divine Retribution game   10/8/2005 3:15:53 PM
Well, I must follow up by saying that Muzzafarabad which was the epicentre of the quake, has also been the primary launchpoint for murderous attacks into Indian-controlled Kashmir. So while natural disasters are tragic, I'm not feeling as sympathetic as I could be. On the brighter side, if the place is abandoned like New Orleans to become a ghost town, then the people of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir can move on, instead of staring avariciously across the border while sharpening their knives. But I would urge Indians and Americans alike to send over aid supplies -- with their national flags prominently displayed on them, of course. Just so the locals understand what we infidels are really about, as opposed to what they're brainwashed into believing about us. Oh, and Happy Ramadan, guys
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swhitebull    RE:the Divine Retribution game   10/8/2005 3:42:21 PM
Now, if the earthquake had struck dead every lice-and flea-bitten Imam who had pontificated about Allah's omnipotent wrath against the United States via Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, then I would become a true believer. Schadenfreunde swhitebull - which is all these animals seem to stand for. And Appropirate for Islamo-Fascists, empahsis on the latter. No offense meant to Pakistanis, just those religious leaders and others whom have used the Quran to exploit passions and stir ignorance.
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Shirrush    RE:the Divine Retribution Crap   10/8/2005 6:25:58 PM
Enough already with this act-of-God zebu manure! Ever heard about plate tectonics? The people of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Srinagar and Muzaffarabad are probably quite used to the idea that they're living on the forefront of a subducting plate that's drifting north to make the Himalayas even taller. As it is not creaking and groaning too badly all the time but only about twice a century or so, they've been having Civilization in the intervals, at least for the last recorded 4,000 years or so. Around here in New Chelm, we're part of that slab that's causing dire trouble by pushing against Asia Minor and rocking Turkey, and we're practically astride a translating fault nearby here in the Jordan valley, that is only the northern tip of the Great Syrian-African Rift or whatever they call this baby-ocean crack, and while it's running smooth most of the time, it has wreaked havoc in Tiberias, Tzfat, Jerusalem, and as far west as Ramleh no so long ago, geologically speaking, in 1927, and most Earth Science types around here agree that we're overdue for the next Big One. So it's about time to stop making God in our own image with this brainless religiosity and put the tribal politics on the backburner to get the aid moving to these in need, since it is very likely we're next in turn and we'll expect to be helped too. Fortunately, lots of our countries have large and expensive militaries with considerable airlift and impressive medical and logistics capabilities, so there's no time to waste and these C-130's and An-26's must be airborne and buzzing ASAP as there are a great many lives to save and a lot of work to do. To paraphrase certain American posters, let's roll!
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sanman    RE:the CIA Retribution game   10/8/2005 7:18:13 PM
Actually, I'm waiting for Al-Qaeda spokesmen or Al-Jazeera to report that this is actually the handiwork of the secret experimental CIA Quake-making Machine(TM). There are also rumours (you heard them here first, of course) that the few Jews and Americans in the vicinity of Pakistani-Occupied Kashmir all recieved telephone calls from the Israeli embassy, and were able to make good their escape well ahead of time. What? No Israeli embassy or Jews in Kashmir, you say? Exactly - just what they want you to think. That's how clever they are at evasion. Meanwhile I wonder what's happened to that hole in the cellar Osama's hiding in?
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:the CIA Retribution game   10/8/2005 8:10:37 PM
""Actually, I'm waiting for Al-Qaeda spokesmen or Al-Jazeera to report that this is actually the handiwork of the secret experimental CIA Quake-making Machine(TM). There are also rumours (you heard them here first, of course) that the few Jews and Americans in the vicinity of Pakistani-Occupied Kashmir all recieved telephone calls from the Israeli embassy, and were able to make good their escape well ahead of time."" --->Hahaha!Oh No Sanman!This was another Jew-Hindu conspiracy aimed at "destabalizing" the Muslim world.Pun intended!
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On Watch    RE:the Divine Retribution Crap--DLL   10/9/2005 1:16:30 AM
Well said! Let's Roll
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sanman    RE:the Divine Retribution Crap--DLL   10/9/2005 3:17:57 PM
Still, there's always the possibility that Bin Laden and his concubines are lying squished underground, crushed by the large mirrors that feel off the ceiling onto the bed. Haha, I'll laugh if Mr Underground Resistance got caught underground.
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On Watch    RE:the Divine Retribution Crap--sanman   10/9/2005 8:26:19 PM
>>I'll laugh if Mr Underground Resistance got caught underground.<< I'd call that a 'ray of hope'...also, along the lines of your "not feeling as sympathetic as I could be" viz Kashmir tangos -- I scolded myself when after learning that 1000s of school children were killed -- my mind flashed to the 'madrassah system' in Pakistan which has perpetrated so much misery on other innocents...prayerfully the hatefulness of the Islamists too will be replaced by a thankful appreciation for the goodness and material aid we provide to Disaster victims, regardless of their religious beliefs. I won't hold my breath though. Let's Roll
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