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Subject: Decline in terrorism infiltration: Indian Army
counterstrike    10/8/2005 7:40:03 AM ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Decline in terrorism infiltration: Indian Army Friday, October 07, 2005 NEW DELHI: Terrorists infiltration from across the border has declined in Jammu and Kashmir after the start of the Indo-Pak dialogue, the head of the Indian army General JJ Singh has said. "The decline in infiltration has lessened internal disturbances in Jammu and Kashmir, boosting tourism," he said adding, “The Amarnath Yatra passed off peacefully and the state is heading towards peace and prosperity." Attributing the decline in violence to better counter-measures by the army and the ongoing Indo-Pak dialogue, the General said "The confidence building measures (CBM) are favorable for both India and Pakistan as it led to the peace process, going in the right direction between the two nations." "Due to a better counter-terror measures, intrusions by terrorists were very low, evident from the casualties of terrorists trying to sneak in," he added. THAT'S GOOD NEWS FOR BOTH IND & PAK ISN'T?
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