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Subject: Religious repression stifles freedom of South Asian minorities
CJH    11/26/2010 11:28:28 AM
YOUNUS: Pakistan's blasphemy knife "Such is the condition of Asiya Bibi, a Pakistani Christian mother of five accused of blaspheming the Prophet Muhammad. Ms. Bibi allegedly committed 'blasphemy' while fetching water in her village near Lahore in 2009. After an 18-month imprisonment, a district court handed down a death sentence for Ms. Bibbi two weeks ago under Section 295B of the Pakistani Penal Code." Also the UN - "Not really, say many of the pundits. Some say the blasphemy laws are Shariah-compliant based on a 1988 court decision. Some go so far as to declare them constitutional (based on a 1993 decision by the Supreme Court of Pakistan). Regrettably, these laws form the basis for the defamation-of-religions resolution pending before United Nations."
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