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Subject: Good Taleban Hunting
YelliChink    8/7/2009 2:08:13 PM Pakistani Taliban leader 'killed' (By US missile attack) A spokesman for US President Barack Obama said the US could not confirm the death, but added that "there seems to be a growing consensus among credible observers that he is indeed dead". The White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, described Baitullah Mehsud as "a murderous thug", and said Pakistani people would be safer if he was dead.
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GLaw       8/7/2009 3:01:39 PM
Seems to be good news indeed, but you never know.
Might be an inspiration and a martyr.  Might not be.  Who knows?
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YelliChink       8/8/2009 6:17:17 PM
He died, and he doesn't matter anymore. What we'll see next is Taleban splinters into two or more groups and are more eager to fight each other than fighting Pakistan Army or the US. Gangs are gangs. Until one rises up and controls all, they will be minor problem.
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