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Subject: Pakistan Victims of War
cwDeici    5/17/2009 8:47:46 PM
Hi. I'm reaaally tired right now so I'm not going to make a long post. Basically someone gave me the idea indirectly of starting a post on P-stan here, and I thought I'd make a small one for starters. Right now, the PA is making a semi-real effort to dislodge the Taliban from their closest positions, not wipe them out. To do this they are shelling villages, blowing up vehicles coming out, attempting to surround Mingora... and generally killing a lot of civilians. This does not endear them to the local populace. Anyway, their claims are well up and above a thousand KIA enemy, something SP largely buys. HAHAHA~ shya right, according to the PA army they've killed 10-15% and wounded another 20-30%. At that rate they'd be gone, but as you see they're starting to adjust their news. They've gone from imminent victory and completely surrounding their enemy to probing them. Taliban news is more reliable, sadly. Army casualties unclear, at least about a hundred, maybe two-three times. I'd say AQI and allies have taken a few hundred, maybe less. They do seem to be hurting. A BIT. PA is being spurred on by real worry. US hit a Tban ammo dump strangely enough along with about two dozen enemies. Personally I hope things get worse, so the self-hating West can get all indignant and angry along with India. I hope the Taliban take over Punjab so the Sindh and Balochis can break free and the Durand line can be pulled down to include the Pushtuns. Then India can absorb Punjab and Pak Kashmir. Right now the Government is mostly a red herring and part government actually trying to make the best of everything while lying. The army is all shades of grey, black and the occasional light grey. Mayhaps Pakistan will stay in one piece, but only because the US is terrified and India's politicians are cowards. Anyway, this is a VERY generalized post, doesn't include anything about the Pushtuns, Karachi, Islamabad... etc. etc Read Longwarjournal for that or wait till I have time to make a long post. Ciao!
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