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Subject: America Should Attack Pakistan
DGreat1    12/12/2008 11:51:14 AM
America needs to seriously consider attacking Pakistan. This will allow America to install a government that is willing to disable the nuclear weapons making apparutus in Pakistan in return for economic aid packages that will ensure the long term stability and viability of Pakistan. Such an initiative would work in the best interests of Pakistan's civilian population. This type of initiative would also neutralize the likelihood of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of the Taliban friendly contingent of the current Pakistani government. It is important to note that their is only a short window of opportunity concerning the implementation of this initiative, as this option will be neutralized by any scenario that has Iran emerging as the second state sponsor of terrorism (Pakistan being the first) to acquire a nuclear weapons capability. America is currently faced with a "use it or lose it" proposition in regards to preemptive attack options concerning Pakistan, as America will undoubtedly lose the support of Pakistan once Iran acquires its own nuclear arsenal. In this scenario, Pakistan will be pressured by the Islamic fundamentalist influenced "Arab street" to distance themselves from America as a way of retaining the significant influence they enjoy as the first state sponsor of terrorism. America's strategic position in Afghanistan would be dramatically strengthened by the continuity and controlled space convergence benefits that would be facilitated by a military offensive against Pakistan. I make this assertion with the understanding that President Elect OBama will increase the numerical troop strength of U.S. forces in Afghanistan as promised. To those who would offer resistance to this type of initiative, please note the following: Why does everyone have blinders on when talking about Pakistan? Pakistan is still a state sponsor of terrorism. The lethality of this threat is dramatically increased by the fact that Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Oh, and by the way, Pakistan has a fragile form of governance that is just a military coup away from placing nuclear weapons into the hands of Taliban friendly contingents of the Pakistani government.To suggest that this poses a threat to America is a major understatement.We are going to have to face facts here. There is a high probability that Iran will acquire a nuclear weapons capability. Deterrence is problematic given the fact that America is currently engaged in a two front war.These factors have also made the likelihood of a long term alliance between America and Pakistan highly doubtful. Therefore, America is going to have to establish a flashpoint for military intervention in both Pakistan and Iran. Surely you understand that if Pakistan is not decisively deterred before Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, then we will have to attack Iran in the infancy stages of their nuclear achievement in addition to attacking a Pakistani nation that will be forced to sever their strategic alliance with America in order to maintain its sphere of influence regarding Muslim nations in the Middle East. In this scenario, Pakistan will be motivated to indulge in a provocative manner concerning their role in facilitating terrorist attacks, as they will be anxious to prove that they still have control over their terror sponsoring, proxy war subordinates in the region(these proxy war subordinates are comprised of terror sponsoring nations and terrorist organizations). What better way to prove you are still viable in regards to terrorism?
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