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Subject: What if Musharraf resigned and no one noticed (or they just didn't care) ?
doggtag    8/18/2008 9:40:37 AM
So now that this has come about, what are people's thoughts on the future of the region? -Will this strain US ties with Pakistan, especially concerning the War on Terror that obviously doesn't want to stay contained solely inside Afghanistan's borders within the region? -Will the reigning government elect/appoint a new president/prime minister (who here really thinks they'll peacefully conduct a democratic election that doesn't spark more accusations of corruption than Musharraf already has?), and how will this effect the region, as well as Pakistan's relationships with its current economic allies? -Will it further strain Pakistan's already shaky "relationship" with India? -Could the wrong nominee actually bring about US arms sanctions and embargoes, depending which countries the new president favors over Musharraf? I'm sure there are easily a dozen other concerns we could voice over this situation, these are just what immediately came to mind.
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