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Subject: SYSOPS, simply amazing
papareezoo    10/6/2005 4:25:07 AM
How unfortunate! Unfortunate, is the way SYSOPS articulated their feelings about Pakistan. I believe that, SYSOPS will not see the single end of a mirror and will read the Indian posts too. SYSOPS didn’t show any mercy with the creation of Pakistan Board. You can terminate the board if you dislike Pakistan and have some special thinking about it. As for as my self & personal experience is concerned, SYSOPS you should adopt democratic behavior and an autocratic one and speak out free about anyone without being biased based. Indian’s abuse Islam, Prophet Muhammad, Quraan and Hadith and many things. None of these is warned or banned. SYSOPS, as a human I am not convinced with your recent writings about Pakistan were not justified, as you are a role model for all and we hope you to act independent/neutral.
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