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Subject: al Qaeda in Pakistan--spy vs spy
PowerPointRanger    7/28/2007 10:27:44 AM
The US is at something of an impass with regard to going after al Qaeda in Pakistan. Pres Musharraf as a military dictator can't afford to look weak, which would be the message he sends if he has to invite the US into Pakistan to get at the terrorists. If he goes after them himself, he alienates his intelligence service & northern tribes. So what needs to happen? Both the US & Pakistan need a little deniability here. It sounds like a job for the CIA. Set up some training camps, recruit some trusted Afghans, & set them up for a little discreet action. These Afghan "bandits" could inflict some serious damage that everyone could deny. We could theoretically support them in a number of ways, including providing intelligence & UAV coverage, and even artillery support. This would actually be a perfect spot for such action for many reasons. The best reason of all, however, is that the region is so remote & dangerous that journalists just won't go there. A perfect condition for a secret war.
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