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Subject: IS lal masjid issue a stunt of agencies?
chupooey    6/23/2007 5:47:36 AM
Does not it seems strange that no action is taken against the activities of lal masjid brigade, as they call it now, despite being located right in the center of federal capital? if they can hit in tribal area despite making agreements (at least Govt. accepts that officially) cant they do any thing for this issue. could it be diversion for chief justice issue or to give a strong singnal to west as what they should expect once musharraf is removed from office?
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Shah Rukh       7/9/2007 10:28:32 AM
Yes, in my opinion it is a mere stunt by agencies and Musharraf.. The question is all this was happening for months in the Capital and no action was taken. Now weve come to know that the terrorists inside lal masjid have weapons and gas masks, all this happening under the nose of ISI headquarter yet the governmemnt was unaware. The action should have been taken against them straight away when they kidnapped the Chinese workers and policemen. Its obvious it was a gimmick created by musharraf inorder to divert the attention of the world from the chief justice case and the All parties conference in London. Musharraf simply used this whole Lal masjid gimmick to show the western world that he is fighting this so called war against terrorism, which has enabled him to secure his seat in Pakistan. This whole "operation" has been dragged delibritely to acheive this, otherwise capturing a few wankers who malign the name of Islam wouldnt have been that hard. Shame on mushrraf for playing with the emotions of Pakistani people and maligning Islam just to secure his regimes rule.
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enlighten       7/11/2007 6:33:27 PM
This issue is you own sh** man.
  You guys created this country based on religion  and you played this kind of game with India with Kashmir issue
  Indra Gandhi created Bindranwale and she paid the price for it.
 America encouraged Bin Laden and paid the price for it and now you turn man
 You guys encouraged Talibans and terrorists in Kashmir, its time for you get back.
 Moral of this story is 'As sow, so yo reap'
Its time for you to eat your own sh**
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