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Subject: Is MQM a Terrorist Party? What are your views on Imran Khan's fight against Altaf Hussein?
Shah Rukh    6/14/2007 3:12:34 PM
Why is Musharraf supporting the number one Terrorist of Pakistan? And do you support Imran Khan in his fight to bring MQM and Altaf Hussein to justice?
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Shah Rukh       6/14/2007 3:25:46 PM
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iSoldier       6/14/2007 3:45:35 PM
Seeing their behaviour in Karachi for last three months, MQM is no doubt a gangsters' party! First they supposedly went to counter-protest the lawyers, but fell back on their old Pathan-baiting habits. You can understand why Imran Khan would be on the look-out for his people. Unfortunately Army and ISI have muddled the waters so much that nobody can ever be sure who is really pulling the strings: First they prop up MQM to fight PPP, then they hunt them down in 1992, now they build a coalition with them...
From an outsider's perspective it was quite revealing: We keep hearing in Western Media how the Punjabis and Pathans run the army, hence they run the country. Yet MQM, made up mostly of Indian Mohajirs, line up Pathans on the streets and execute them gang-land style! Maybe there are gears within gears turning here. 
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chupooey    some weird thoughts   6/17/2007 4:13:55 PM
indeed it is difficult to  comment if what happened in karachi was demanded by Musharraf or MQM was too keen herself to show the strenght / hold in that city. but if we look at outcome i think it really tarnished their image nationwide. probably MQM turned out to be the biggest looser in this sorry episode, i think MQM acted on wrong advice and their own think tank needs a change over. I totally support imran khan with his sturuggle, but it seems to be a long, painful path which i am not sure he would be able to persue with same spirit. Musharraf has no choice other than to support MQM at this stage but he might have given this wrong advice to MQM to bring PPP in front for future politics.
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Shah Rukh       6/17/2007 6:41:22 PM
Hmmm. It makes sense..But its surprising how MQM being against dictatorship, and throughout the parties existence it is known that MQM tortured and killed countless army officers, the question again arises why is MQM compromising with Musharraf's regime? Is it Because Musharraf himself is a mohajir? But what Musharraf could be planning is to lead MQM into this inevitable trap where people themselves will learn the evil acts of MQM and slowely the party will lose support..But then again people dont exactly vote for them, the only reason MQM wins votes in Karachi is because they are forced by those terrorists at gunpoint. Anyway Musharraf cant send all of his army to do the job like he did with Bugti, due to many Indian agents in Karachi waiting for this very oppurtunity to destabilise the whole city. thats why hes playing this clever game...I Hope!!! If he wanted he couldve just stopped Imran from going to London.. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out..Just pray that this is the end of Altaf Hussain and his fascist party.
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iSoldier       6/17/2007 8:04:26 PM
When the whole episode started, MQM were saying that they are counter-protesting the lawyers and CJ Choudhary... only after a while did they relapse into communal fighting targetting Pathans and Punjabis. This brings into suspicion that MQM originally got permission from Musharraf to stage protests against the lawyers, so the army or more probably the Rangers were told not to interfere. Then either the MQM's lower ranks got out of control, or MQM completely betrayed Musharraf and the large-scale killing started. The change in plans probably confused the Rangers, slowing their response time completely. Somebody - Musharaff or MQM higher leaders - lost control, the delay in communications made the problem worse.

Presence of Indian agents probably had much less to do with the decision not to send in the army (as they did against Bugti) than the presence of news-media - especially foreign media - in the city. Unlike some remote hills in middle of Balochistan, Karachi will be very well covered by media.... if even one jawan loses his cool and CNN catches it on camera, Musharraf would immediately be condemned world-wide as a tyrant. From that point on things can go really bad really fast. As he stands now, Musharraf can afford to lose Karachi before he can afford to lose world opinion.

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