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Subject: How To control the rising Inflation
Pakistan Power    3/10/2007 3:18:47 PM
Of recently, the economic progress being made in Pakistan has given the country the required upward mobility needed to move it forward and progress into a modern, developed nation leaving the shackles of poverty and denigration associated with SOuth Asia and of utmost importance to the future economic stability of Pakistan. Of concern is the volatile inflation rate which hovered at a reasonable 6% a decade ago, but then touched a dangerous 8-9% a few years ago. As of recently it has come back down to 7%. If the country continues to maintain its high growth trajectory, it will require tighter fiscal policies in order to minimize extreme changes to its inflation so that the positive effects of the growth occuring in the country filters down to the lower and middle stratas of Pakistans population. Also, the economic policy makers of Pakistan need to regulate the trade deficit of the country more effectively, which at current is being cushoned by the large remittances received by the country by expat Pakistani's living abroad in order to speed up the process of development within this nation.
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