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Subject: what makes pakis a proud MARITAL RACE ?
entre nous    3/5/2007 10:57:27 PM
what makes pakistanis a proud marital race while neighboring indians are mere mortals ? i would like all the members to chip in with their 2 cents on this issue. heres my share for now: 1. EU imposes ban on PIA flights because apparently the paki marital race operated flights aren't skyworthy. 2. its the only marital race to have surrendered en masse in 1971 to hindu cowards. true marital race indeed...the acheivements are countless...
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entre nous       3/5/2007 11:00:11 PM
oh i'm sorry...its also the only marital race in history to beg for alms from any developed country to survive bankruptcy.
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Roman       3/8/2007 6:44:07 AM
Err, I think you wanted to say 'martial' race, because 'marital' race means they are a race that is associated with marriage rather than fighting. It is pretty funny though, so maybe that was an intentional switch of words?
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entre nous       3/8/2007 8:58:53 AM
 thanks for pointing out the error roman, but as you said, it works both dont have a sense of identity or belonging because they cannot claim the aryan/vedic roots because they are muslims. they cannot claim to be in the same bracket as middle east beacuse saudis et al treat them as second hand muslims. this was protrayed in the movie SYRIANA. it has a parallel story of how pakis are made to live in sub human conditions and flogged at will like slaves even though they embraced islam. little wonder they lack pride or virtues of any sort...they are the human equivalent of  mongrels.
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