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Subject: Afghanistan spillover into Pakistan
TopGun    11/11/2006 10:18:44 PM
The war in Afghanistan is taking a dangerous turn now with the increasing violence and now, a spillover effect into neighbooring Pakistan. Those that falsely accussed that country of encouraging the Taliban should properly research and have some insight into the ground realities the next time they go around spreading incorrect information. Pakistan is probably the only real ally in the war on terror and is also the country which is suffering the most while not complaining or pulling out like many other of our so-called 'allies'. So while we constantly critize the country's performance, give it bare minimum aid(it is one of the poorest countries in Asia) and cozy up and sign nuclear treaties with its arch-rival India and still ask it to 'work with us' are we planting the seeds of distrust and betrayal in this once benovolent ally of ours since the 50's? Pakistan has lost the most troops in this war on terror, has suffered an almost daily barrage of attacks(militant and rockets) on its vital infrastructure in the province of Balochistan and NWFP, runs the risk of inflamming its second largest ethnic group the Pushtuns - who number some 25 million and share ethnic/familial ties to Pakistan and more recently lost more than 40 soldiers in a daring daytime suicide attack inside one of the countries military bases near the border with Afghanistan showing that it is ill-equipped to handle this war on terror alone despite the claims made by the Bush administration of offering aid and counter-terror assistance to this frontline ally. So while we provide the bare minimum in assistance to this vital and time tested ally, it is silently, but surely taking a spiral downwards on all fronts as several indicators suggests. We need to wake up now, and help Pakistan which is desperately in need our assistance and help the people of Pakistan in their time of need. We need to assure the Pakistani government of our assistance and support both privately and publicly that we are there to help it overcome its hurdles and support a full return to democracy in this predominantly muslim country. Now is the time for America to show Pakistan and more importantly the people there that we do care for them and what happens in their country. Our solidarity is with the people of Pakistan and we mourn the loss of those 42 soldiers killed in Dargai Pakistan along with the countless other unnamed soldiers who have fought and died. Not all Americans are naive or ignorant so I want it to be clear that many people such as myself are truly indebted to the sacrifices of Pakistan and would like to see our government engage her on a more respectful footing and provide all manner of assistance to Pakistan (economic, military, education, infrastructure etc..) Pakistan is time tested ally and more importantly a friend we dont want to lose.
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Pakistan Power       3/10/2007 3:44:42 PM
veryyy true!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pakistan Power       3/31/2007 4:54:32 PM
this article goes well with whats happening nowadays in the country.  We've seen an increase in activity and attacks against the military dictatorship of Musharaf.  I find it ironic, that despite the fact the army dictatorship has declared open war against the Al-Qaeda as well as the Taliban, the people of Pakistan, though also not supportive of any such militant groups dont hovever agree with this gung-ho support being offered to the Americans in the war being waged in our neighbooring and brotherly nation of Afghanistan. 
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