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Subject: Giving up on Pak/Afghan border tribal areas.
reefdiver    9/6/2006 12:13:06 PM
I'm surprised no one on this board is commenting on the Pak government's agreement to pull out of the border tribal areas. Regardless of the agreement, this has got to be seen as a defeat for the Pak military. It must be devasting to the US government. No more trying to get Bin Laden.
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Europa    its the IFOR thats giving up   9/6/2006 5:04:14 PM
I think your mistaken. It is not the entire border tribal area but a small territory (Waziristan) of about 10,000 square kilometers of which barely 200kms borders with Afghanistan.  The government of Pakistan has special arrangement with the Tribal areas of Waziristan.  The military action taken by the government despite widespread protest and dissaproval by the Pakistani public had been carried out for quite some time in this mountainous yet small geographic area.  Under the terms of agreement, the tribe has agreed to cooperate with the government, to work with the government in the war on terror, prevent any flow of foreigners/arms across its small border with afghanistan, stop the hostility with the armed patrols and to not give shelter to terrorist organizations.  I think the operation was a success.  I also, highly doubt Bin laden is in this area as the Waziri are a highly close knit people very reluctant to except outsiders, he is most likely in Afghanistan or has even left the region in its entirety.  Pakistan has placed some 80, 000 troops on its porous Afghan border.  Ironically the international community and Karzai have yet to exert control over the entire country of Afghanistan which would seem to be the first priority at this time.  The international community(US, UK, etc..) ironically needs to fulfill its end of the bargain, and secure all of Afghanistan not just a few cities but all 250,000 square kilometers of it.  Too much is being expected of Pakistan, a poor country, already defending its borders from another country(india) and its million+ army.  How much can it be expected to do especially when aid/assistance not to mention support is not so forthcoming to this vital and trusted US ally of the 50's.
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