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Subject: Pakisatan Opposition To India's Candidature
Indian Rationalist    9/5/2006 6:09:19 PM
Two excellent articles (by Shaukat Umer & Chupooey), objective & well articulated. Pakisatan's Anti-Indian obsession is something the whole world has known for long time & so is the mockery; the most of the world just ignores it, rest ridicule it. I am just surprised with the obsession & paranoia. Not only we don't think 1% about you as much as you are obsessed with us; we don't think about ourselves as much as you think about us. It would be interesting to see how the world reacts to the candidature from a Failed State that is in addition a Hub of Global Terrorism. Not only us, not just rest of the world even you will laugh ... This is however a small price as people will atleast hear about you, even if they don't take any serious notice. Wisdom is, 'You can't beat us, Join us'.
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Herc the Merc    TopGun u a comic from Pakistan??   9/5/2006 7:13:31 PM
China already has a permenant seat. India was offered a seat in the 50's Nehru the dimwit declined, it was he who put Kashmir issue in UN when not needed. As far as Pakistan goes most Indians only hope they get a life and get a job, its in India's interest to have Pakistan reasonable prosperous or better--who would want to clean up ur crap if the fundus come into power. India is not infatuated with Pak, they just wish u were not there. What a pain to have Pak as ur neighbour!!
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TopGun    Point Proven   9/6/2006 11:51:44 AM
I stand corrected, Again I see that it is the indians who keep coming to a pakistan section, starting threads and then filling it up with their biased rancour. Very pitiful for a country which considers itself a potential economic power.  I find it ironic what you said, for it is Pakistan which often wishes it had a different neighboor intead of India.  The irony is, despite all this 'hatred' for Pakistan, Indians & Bangladeshi's continue to stream across the border into Pakistan as illegal aliens, settling into slums but the same is not true vice-versa..  I have the benefit of having visited all those countries and offering a neutral unbiased view.  Also, I have a strong feeling you are one and the same person as Indian Rationalist.  you are proving yourself to be a thoroughly insecure people.  What a pain for Pakistan, to have such a large ignoronous and belicose neighboor like india beside it.
And by the way, I am not from Pakistan.
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Indian Rationalist    Envy Impairs Ability To Think   9/6/2006 5:53:04 PM
Who is obsessed with whom? India bid for Permanent Seat in Security Council & an Indian is amongst top contenders for post of Secretary General - why is it topic of discussion in Pakisatan Discussions Board ? Who's obsessed with whom? Who's showing confidence & who's playing spoiler - at the best? We wouldn't have noticed you like rest of the world, including OIC, but you were not just discussing about us, you're displaying obsession. We have numerous problems & many failings, yet we have the Resilience, ability & all the indications of Great Future - Regaining Past Glory. With consistently high growth rates in GDP, with ever increasing Foreign Exchange Reserves, with Managerial & CEO remuneration being comparable to some of the advanced economies, we don't need an endorsement from anyone. See the diversity & depth of products, both goods & services, we export. I am happy you're not from Pakistan, as most of the Pakistani friends are disgusted with such anti-Indian obsession from certain sections of the society. Hatred can stir all the people for some time, some people all the time but can't arouse all the people all the time. Besides we have so many challenges & opportunities, that we just don't have time to think about other's let alone be obsessed about trivial. With all the diversity & so many challenges, we are united as a nation, even as a democracy. Our President is a Muslim, Vice President a Hindu, Prime Minister a Sikh, Speaker a Communist ( therefore an Athiest), Deputy Speaker a Sikh, Leader of the House ( and leader of the Ruling Coalition ) a Christian ( and of foreign origin), Army General & Chief of Staff a Sikh ... Dog wags the Tail, not other way round. You can't beat, better join, it's inevitable.
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Pakistan Power    Smelly INdian cow dung    9/7/2006 11:40:32 AM

Who is obsessed with whom?
India bid for Permanent Seat in Security Council & an Indian is amongst top contenders for post of Secretary General - why is it topic of discussion in Pakisatan Discussions Board ?

Because you(an Indian) came to a pakistani section and posted it. Thats all you people good at, talking a lot of nonsense garbage, verbal
 Get lost you ugly cow/elephant ball licking jaundiced Indian monkey
hahaha.. u pitiful sh*t talking race, you dont deserve to come here and post msgs, have nothing productive or intelligent to say, stop coming to our Pakistani forums with your nonsense.
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chupooey    wisdom says   9/7/2006 12:18:50 PM
well the first part of your post is really pathetic to comment on. the post is here for brain storming and has nothing to do with so called obsession. your claim of 1% thinking could be varified from reading newspaper of  your country with every buzz happening across the border being reported. being a prudent nation, pakistan has been and should continue to analyse the happenings around the world in general and in our region in particular. let me remind you the time when indians were dreaming of permanent seat at UN, it was the same prudent diplomatic efforts that you  had to console yourself by downgrading the target to UN top seat. As you quoted ex US president, certainly he spoke of joining the most powerful. you should know that there are three candidates other than india namely thailand, south korea and srilanka and i really doubt your calculations of terming india on top of these candidates.
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Indian Rationalist    Losers & Lies, wrong on facts & faulted in logic    9/8/2006 3:54:08 PM
Both, bids for Permanent Seat & Secretary General have been taken seriously by whole world. Even if you see articles by your own countrymen, they're taking it seriously to say the least, even while you may undermine. Your stature is that of a pariah spectator with an obsession to play spoiler. Wrong in facts, some of you have been hosting anti-Indian articles, while most of us prefer to ignore roadside stray dogs, we can't ignore if the barking is ceaselessly persistent, as even if it may not be formidably challenging, it is a nuisance like given by pests. Sadly on the global stage, we matter little, however you're non-existent, i.e. a pathetic nonentity; few who know you find you sick; dispensable object. For one I didn't start this topic, besides you don't own the Website let alone the cyberspace. Give up anti-Indian obsession. You can't beat us, join us.
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