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Subject: Nuclear iran
chupooey    9/1/2006 4:30:35 PM
1. no matter what the heads of state say, it is open truth that relation between these two neighbours are not so good. at moment they might not be that bad to fear any thing from iran but still, having another nuclear neighbour that too coupled with growing and taking important positions in pakistan shia community would be a cause pakistan unhappy over nuclear iran. 2. on the other hand, as reported pakistan helped iran in her nuclear persuit. so it suggests that pakistan does not feel any threat what so ever or any negative effect caused by such a status. 3. should there be an attack in the what ever time span from now on. pakistan is not in position to fight for iran. also pakistan can not help that attacking party as it would make pakistan an real enemy in the eyes of her strong neighbour. the third position being neutral - how much weight does this has ? can one really be neutral in such circumstances ? 4. Should there be economic sanctions against iran. what would be the status of proposed gas pipe line from iran to pakistan and india. in what circumstances international community bar pakistan and india to scrap such a project? would it be possible to get international funding for such a project?
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