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Subject: politics in the name of religion/ aggression / extremism
chupooey    8/31/2006 4:33:42 AM
It is in vogue to present muslim countries with their hard line parties, to show that all the muslims are like that. whereas such parties exist every where. and as a fact are being favoured at many places, muslim and non muslim countries alike. it happened in secular turkey, in america (particularly bush second term), in pakistan (at NWFP / baluchistan provinces mainly), in israel (ehud olmert - current PM), and last but not the least in india BJP govt. As BJP believe that they lost their competitive edge over congress after start of dialogue with pakistan, they want to show their people that that was not major shift in their hard stance. one example of this the current vande matram - song which they vowed to make mandatory in the five states that they rule. after all this, does it make any logic of picking one statement from MMA or other hard lines parties of pakistan, and make a hell out of it and overlook whats happening in the neighbourhood. NEW DELHI: India’s right-wing Hindu parties and Muslim groups are heading for a confrontation over a controversial move to get all Indians to sing the national song on the centenary of its adoption next month. The row was sparked this month after the government asked all schools, including madressahs, to get students to sing the song, which is separate from the national anthem, on Sept 7. Within days, it backed down and made singing voluntary after Muslim leaders objected. Muslim groups say the Sanskrit language song, ‘Vande Mataram’, penned by Bengali language poet Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, has strong connotations of Hindu deity worship because it reveres India as a holy goddess, which is against Islam’s basic tenets. But the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has pounced on the government’s climbdown, saying it smacked of discrimination and encouraged a lack of patriotism. The party said on Monday that the five states it rules would make the singing of ‘Vande Mataram’ mandatory on Sept 7 and would act against those disobeying the order. “There are some things which are symbols of national pride and ‘Vande Mataram’ is one of them. It can’t be made optional,” said Vijay Kumar Malhotra, a top BJP leader. “We will enforce it, whichever school it is will have to sing it. We will see what action can be taken against those who do not.” “Vande Mataram”, which translates as ‘I bow to thee Mother’, was the national slogan during India’s independence movement against British rule. Sept 7 is the culmination of year-long celebrations to mark the centenary of its 1905 adoption as the national song.
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