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Subject: please spare religion
chupooey    8/17/2006 6:44:37 AM
it is my humble request to all the posters to avoid blaming / taunting / criticizing religion. many a times i find that use of religious terms / symbols just to express the anger or hatred and it has nothing to do with the content of the message. these comments only flare up the other side to be part of a vicious cycle.
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eggfooyoung    RE:please spare religion   8/17/2006 8:13:02 AM
but isnt it relegion for which you people kill and support terrorism? the vicious cycle will come to an end...we'll take care of it.
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chupooey    RE:please spare religion   8/17/2006 8:40:47 AM
NO, not at all, our religion does not favour terrorism. you would be seriously wrong to attribute the acts of certain groups to all the muslims. Muslims have been living in this world for 1400 plus years, but this trend of associated terrorism is just a latest development. In my opinion american started and favoured it during afghan war. these groups belong to the same breed of groups that usa hatched to fight its proxy war. so i would suggest you to study the facts before making any judgement on the whole religion.
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anuts       9/3/2006 6:31:30 PM

I agreewith you chup. The quoran states unequivocally it is a crime for
any Muslim to kill another Muslim because all muslims are brothers and

Out of curiosity, what does it say about infidels, non believers, jews, etc....?
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anuts       9/3/2006 10:49:43 PM

I guess you fail to understand my response. You seem dense. Maybe you have a mental block.

I repeat the Qoran states unequivocally all Muslims are brothers and
sisters and one Muslim should not kill or rape another Muslim because
that is a crime.

Anyone who is not a Muslim is considered a "Non-Believer" or put
another way an infidel. As an example the devil is an infidel. The
Quoran encourages all good Muslims to freely annihilate the "infidel
devils" anytime they want to go to heaven to enjoy life with 72

I had no trouble in understanding your response. Oddly, I have no idea what would give you the impression that I didn't. However, I find it noteworthy that you feel the need to get defensive about a legitimate question about an alleged religion.
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