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chupooey    6/26/2006 4:21:33 AM
NEW DELHI, June 25: India’s defence minister on Sunday rejected a call by Pakistan for troop cuts in Kashmir to push forward a slow-moving peace process, citing a recent spiral of violence in the region. “With the present situation, I am not confident that we can reduce troops,” India’s Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee told the CNN-IBN TV channel. Infiltration and attempts at infiltration have also increased, Mukherjee said. The minister’s comments came after Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf suggested demilitarisation as a solution to the decades of dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. “I have proposed demilitarisation as a ... final resolution. Demilitarise Kashmir, give self-governance to people of Kashmir with a joint management arrangement on top. This is an idea I am proposing,” reports quoted Musharraf as saying. In another interview to the NDTV news channel telecast on Sunday, Mukherjee alleged Islamabad has allowed militant training camps to operate from its zone of Kashmir. He said taking steps to halt violence would produce results from India in the peace process.—AFP ....., oh come on, for how long indians would take refuge against this wall of infiltration issue. i guess more you maintain this status quo situation, more difficult and complex the issue would go on. already the issue has been very complicated by partying in APHC. if indians think its their sucess, they are totally wrong.., it does not serve any ones purpose. your thought onto that.
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eggfooyoung    RE:INDIA SAYS NO TO DEMILITRIZATION   6/26/2006 11:53:06 PM
my thought is both u and musharraf shove ur heads up ur respective a$$es.
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raunaq    INDIA SAYS NO TO DEMILITRIZATION - Musharaff's proposal?   6/28/2006 8:22:48 AM
Demilitarization was Gen. Musharaff's proposal, wasnt it? Considering Gen. Musharaff: a. Was one of the primary planners of Operation Badr (prelude to 1999 Kargil War), and a plan in formation atleast since he was a Brigadier in 1991. b. Had calculated (quite correctly) Indian troop withdrawal during winter. c. Had carefully infiltrated thousands of fighters eluding winter patrol by various Indian Scouts. d. Would have gotten away with it {in the crucual April-May period} if not for some Gujjar herdsmen. e. The Corps commander directing Pakistani side of 1999's Kargil War. ... who in their right minds would trust such a man when he is counting on Indians abandoning all their posts - not just for winter, but forever; not just in high-altitudes, but throughout Kashmir; not just leaving the locals unprotected, but withdrawing so far away that we wont even be able to help them when asked?
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chupooey    RE:Musharraf factor   6/29/2006 5:43:02 AM
You are very much right when you term him the master mind of kargil. but i would like to draw your attention towards a different thought. why dont you see both of his actions, a step towards a permanant solution of the problem? does not it shows that, he does not want to maintain the status quo, what all of our previous leaders have been content with. but this status quo has not served any ones interest. as for kargil too, i dont think the plan was to conquer the place with power, the step was aimed to make india to come to negotiatin table with committment to solve the issue rather than coming up with pre conditions that she knows would never be acceptable to Pakistan, as it happened now. By doing this india thinks that she is hurting pakistan but does not realize her own loss (both financial and human). also this attitude affirms one school of thought that in order to bring india to come to negotiation table with real intentions to solve the problem, you need a better plan than even kargil.
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