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chupooey    6/21/2006 4:30:11 PM
Every body must have gone through the news that the tenth round of dialogue over siachen issue ended without any improvement. indians sides want pakistan to accept its two condition in writing before any progress can me made which in pakistan see as literally writing and accepting the control of india in siachen. this issue is there for last 22 years and costs about 438 million US dollar to india and 182 same to pakistan. the cost is higher for india because they have their check posts at altitude and pakistan can not afford so much to have the same. not only spending, just immagine the life of soldiers that are deployed there, they certainly have emotions for their motherland but one can immagine what happened to the family of estimated 5000 soldiers that died on both sides of siachen. purpose of posting this topic is to know how others think and view this, also i would like to know ,how governments can be persuaded to speed up this so called composite dialogue and show some real progress, or are we still convinced and waiting for some miricle to happen in which either side gets the whole control of siachen.
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raunaq    RE:ISSUE OF SIACHEN    6/21/2006 5:43:42 PM
Hasn't Pakistan peacefully ceeded a portion of Kashmir it controlled after 1948 bordering Siachen Glacier to People's Republic of China in 1970s or 80s? How does that complicate things? On one hand we see India and PRC breaking some ice with improved trade relations, Chinese acknowledgment of Indian soverignty in one of India's NE states, Indian de facto acknowledgement of Chinese sovreignty in Tibet etc. But India is still very conscious about its strategic weakness vis a vis the Chinese and will try its hardest to control as many points of tactical strength as possible. Siachen glacier seems to be one of those.
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