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Subject: Saudi tests al Khalid in April, 150 in order probably
yakeepi    3/15/2006 10:08:28 PM
From Janes, if the test passed, Saudi may order 150 of them, worth $600m. Wow, that's a lot of money, good for Pak.>
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reefdiver    RE:Saudi tests al Khalid in April, 150 in order probably   3/15/2006 11:16:58 PM
I'm curious whey the Saudi's are buying the al Khalid, when they have some 300 M1-A2's? Just spreading the money to friends?
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eggfooyoung    RE:Saudi tests al Khalid in April, 150 in order probably   3/16/2006 8:00:00 AM
why do the saudis need al khalid? who's gonna drive those tanks for them after they have been purchased? and finally for all those who brag about paks export..2 things: 1.dont forget to kiss our chinese a$$.(very imp 4 ur survival) 2.this deal is merely an "arrangement" between two islamic countries.ones a beggar but can build mediocre machines.ones rich but is belittled by its lazy and uncouth pak supplies alkalids(to be used as toys by saud princes in the desert)and get saudi alms in return.
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eggfooyoung    REAL MOTIVE BEHIND SAUDI AL -KHALID PURCHASE   3/16/2006 10:21:23 PM
lately british and european animal rights organisations have pressured the saudi royals into phasing out the centuries old custom of holding camel races in the desert.the saudis,however,being ppl who think on their feet,came up with the most ingenuinous idea yet----->substitute CAMELS with PAKISTANI MADE AL-KHALIDS!!(no points for guessing why they wldnt do the same with the M1 ABRAMS).
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yakeepi    RE:REAL MOTIVE BEHIND SAUDI AL -KHALID PURCHASE   3/16/2006 10:48:41 PM
To sell weapon for some bucks is a good thing, otherwise defense is just a burden. In this world not many countries can do that, and it's quite impressive.
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eggfooyoung    beginning jun 2006 saudi arabia to ban use of camels   4/1/2006 2:49:50 AM
reviving centuries old tradition of camel being a holy animal for islamic faith(see urine lovers post for further info)saudi and adjoining arab states have decided to ban use of camels in races.instead al-khalidas(pak imports)will be used in future for all purposes of racing in the future.
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AdvanceAustralia    RE:Saudi tests al Khalid in April, 150 in order probably   4/28/2006 11:43:03 PM
Yakka, are you now an arms salesman for the Pakis as well? Won't the CCP be jealous? PS Only $600m for 150 MBT - you should be able to do better than that! Cheers.
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