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Subject: whoa whoa do u guys even know why Pakistan board was created
Mother of Pakistan    2/17/2006 11:08:51 AM
so that we can enjoy freedom but nooo Indians cant understand that.They really live up to their names porks
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TopGun       9/5/2006 4:59:29 PM
well said, but no need to stoop to the level of such morons as eggfooyoung or sikhwarior or any other Indian who despite their countries larger size, population and larger military are stumped by a smaller country and so feel the need to vent their frustration out in childish, immature, racist and pathetic rants.  I think a better response is to ignore such morons and simply complain to the forum adviser to ban and remove these racist/pathetic rantings from such insecure people from this site.  Pakistani's have shown themselves to be more self-respecting, restrained and principled; something which the Indians in this forum have not been at all.
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