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Subject: i am back
Mother of Pakistan    2/17/2006 10:58:20 AM
Dat was a good long break.i was just missing Strategy page and special of all i was missing Indians
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:i am back   2/25/2006 2:26:12 AM
Have u been reading anything or wasting time in osques and medrassahs?
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Azmodius    RE:i am back   3/16/2006 9:02:35 AM
Or been involved in kidnapping young hindu woman and forcing them to convert to islam, the religion of death, destruction, and ignorance?
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eggfooyoung    RE:i am back   3/16/2006 11:22:58 PM
how did the arabs treat u during the camel races? did they provide you with good food and a decent shelter?did you camel handle well?
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Mother of Pakistan    RE:i am back   6/4/2006 4:56:00 AM
no no ###holes i have studying for cambridge examinations. Dudes Maddrassas are not found in Karachi mainly found in Waziristan where government has where we call no control. Tda
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Herc the Merc    RE:i am back   6/8/2006 3:49:14 PM
Salaam MOP, I here Zawahiri just got promoted after getting good grades in ur exams ur guaranteed an interview to replace him. (A joke MOP--but nice to hear from u again).
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