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Subject: Glad to see positive developments in Pakistan!!
trustedsourceofinfo    2/15/2006 2:08:36 AM
Damn..these cartoons will soon take a heavy toll on your already fading economy... Stoning the Telenor offices in lahore and the rest of Pakistan you'll have ensured and made sure that NO WEATERN ORGANISATION will ever invest in Pakistan... I am pretty sure the Norwegians will pull out of Pakistan after you'll burnt down their offices and possibly tried to kill a couple of Norwegian expats in Telenor.... Kudos to you smart Pakis....
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enlighten    RE:Glad to see positive developments in Pakistan!!   2/16/2006 7:34:21 PM
I am wondering why muslims always choose violence to show their protest? Are they truly following Prophet's guidance?If this trend continues I dont think western world will give a penny to Pak's development(on which Pak heavily rely upon)
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