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Subject: Baluchistan Burning, Musharraf Grinning
sanman    1/7/2006 2:33:42 AM
Look at the horror that Musharraf is inflicting upon poor helpless tribes in Baluchistan: When I see the ugly poverty that these poor deprived people live in, I find it deplorable. Who the hell would be happy living under that kind of govt neglect? And in addition to their crushing poverty due to state neglect, now they're being crushed under an active campaign by the Pakistani Army. Pakistan's Army is using TOW missiles on them, as I see in these pics: Pak infantry likes to brag about how TOW missiles are their military weapons of choice for targetting Indian bunkers along the Kashmir LOC, but we can see they have no hesitation in using them against Baluchis. The USA has of course been quickly stocking up Pakistan with these kinds of weapons, ostensibly to be used in pursuing AlQaeda militants. So far, I don't see AlQaeda has been eliminated nor has Osama been killed. I only see the Pak govt pretending to go through the motions on pursuing AlQaeda, while in the meantime they milk the US for more and more military aid, and divert these weapons for conveniently crushing other groups who have nothing to do with AlQaeda.
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eu4ea    RE:Baluchistan Burning, Musharraf Grinning   1/14/2006 12:02:10 AM
More power to him. Violent, armed, misoginistic, and fanatical tribes have no place in a modern state. In fact, I would support significantly harder measures. Such as giving tribes the coice to either allow full, routine access to the central government's courts, police, army, school officials etc. or face systematic destruction of villages, burning of crops and destruction of any tribe assets. It's unfortunate, but it's the standard (and effective) way to bring tribes under control.
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:Baluchistan Burning, Musharraf Grinning   1/14/2006 9:15:45 PM
"Violent, armed, misoginistic, and fanatical tribes have no place in a modern state." -->Modern state?!?!?!?What-are we talking abt Pakistan here? Ridiculous!!!!
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