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Subject: The Special Problem
SYSOP    2/2/2013 5:51:44 AM
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Bob Cortez       2/2/2013 9:10:08 AM
What claim do they have on the Thais?  They made a mess where they are: let them stay and clean it up.
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bikebrains       2/2/2013 11:13:21 AM
"Thailand was more receptive of these Burmese Moslem refugees."   My spell-check and the spell-check at this site do not like the spelling "M-o-s-l-e-m."     Merriam-Webster says "Moslem" is a variant of "Muslim."   The spell-check at SP likes "Muslim." is more specific:     Moslem (&s12;m&o94;zl&O01;m) —n, —adj , pl-lems, -lem
an old-fashioned variant of Muslim
So for me and my spell-check its "Muslim."  
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Mattsky       2/2/2013 5:48:44 PM
  Strategypage should hire you as a proofreader. 
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