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Subject: Public Private Partnerships
gf0012-aust    2/21/2008 5:15:11 AM
Am curious as to whether anyone in the UK has been involved with PPP at the military procurement level. Admittedly my info is second hand, but I get the impression that its a bit of a disaster. My curiosity is because I'm about to step into the breech and get tied up with PPP for some mil procurement projects. The Lab party in Australia has always had a degree of enthusiasm for new concepts developed in the UK (even to the point of replicating logos and colour schemes like the old Job Bank days (for the old farts in here). So, I'm pretty keen to find out what direct experience has been to see if we're up for the same grief....
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interestedamateur       2/21/2008 8:29:00 AM
Don't know if this is of any use, but this is the team in the MoD that deal with partnerships:
The page has a contact email.
Arsse might be a good bet if you haven't already tried that.
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interestedamateur       2/21/2008 8:30:02 AM
Let's try again shall we....
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gf0012-aust       2/22/2008 6:42:23 PM
IA, thanks for the assist.  I might do a drive by on ARRSE and see what jumps out.
On another note whats the goss on the RAF heading towards a political revolt re the cutbacks?
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interestedamateur       2/24/2008 5:13:22 AM
There does indeed appear to be plans between arsse and pprune to organise a demonstration and march in London. This is the thread on arsse. It's quite long, but it does give some idea of the strength of feeling:
To add credibility to this, reports have reached the press:
Interestingly plans for the marches include serving personnel taking part; which would be a huge step-change in relations between the government and the military.
You'll be aware from T5C that defence planners are looking at options for future equipment purchase after last year's government comprehensive spending review. This set defence spending increases of between 0.6 - 1% (depending on who you believe) above inflation per annum for the next 3 years. As you'll know much better than me, defence procurement is rising at 5% plus per annum (not to mention the fact that we are having to invest more in soldiers salaries and housing etc), so this will in effect lead to cuts. We don't yet know what is planned (there was a major meeting on thursday last week apparently), but rumours appear to indicate butchery, particularly for the RN. One of the options that might interest you is that it has apparently been proposed to reduced the SSN fleet to merely 4 Astutes. Other options include delaying the Carriers, reducing the surface fleet to 18 or so warships, downsizing the number of FRES purchased etc.  
I don't know how well you know arsse, but one of the interesting things about it is how much the posters (usually but not always junior ranks and often retired) HATE the government. It's very hard to tell how much posters there represent overall feeling in the army, but if they do the government should be concerned. Two new associations BAFF (British Armed Forces Foundation - a quasi trade union) and NDA (National Defence Association - lobbying body for higher spending) have come pretty much straight out of arsse. There are articles in the press about shortfalls in military spending on a daily basis these days and even retired Generals have come out of the woodwork to criticise the government. If the strength of feeling continues to grow, I'd be very surprised if the government don't have to give way.
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gf0012-aust       2/24/2008 11:28:08 PM
IA, thanks for the links.  My concerns seem to be justified.  I'll be interested to see how the rally turns out.
Lab in Oz are very much enamoured with Lab in UK.
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