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Subject: Depot Units for Regimental Preservation
jastayme3    12/24/2007 8:17:46 PM
I don't remember if this has been suggested. But why can't you assign a "depot unit"(to manage things like websites, museums and service clubs, etc)to each regiment. So far this is nothing unique, but heres the catch. When it is desired to reduce expenditure, instead of the distasteful custom of "amalgamations", you can reduce it to the depot unit, and leave it in place to rebuild a regiment around it, next time that becomes necessary. For instance suppose Emperor Palpitine declares himself Dictator of Europe, and it is decided that there is a fair chance of hostilities in the next ten years. You raise a training unit around each regiment, and use that to build up an army. When the crisis is past, you reduce some regiments by a given amount. Some would be reduced until they in effect, notational. But those notational("depot") units will remain in case it is desired to fill them up again. This process can go on ad-infinitum. The point is that they would remain on the rolls, with their traditions intact, etc. It would be a army equiv to what the US Navy has been doing with World War II Battleships.
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perfectgeneral       12/31/2007 4:51:53 AM
Some bean counter would amalgamate the depot units to save money
Even if it were implemented, it would detach the tradition from the fighting unit. I don't think that the tradition would keep it's esprit de corps while waiting in a museum.

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interestedamateur       1/1/2008 6:55:32 AM
Jastayme, this is from Neutralizer ages ago:
"The UK policy is clear, large regiments. In WW1 some regts were up to 30+ bns, WW2 there was far less infantry."
I know the Canadians maintain reserve depot regiments of around a company size each, but the UK does not do this because they are not what we need. As Neutralizer points out we will simply add new battalions to existing regiments if and when they are required. Its a very practical solution that gives the army what it requires. I reckon that if each current regiment had 30 battalions, the army would have over 400 in total - enough for over 40 infantry divisions! In any case regiments remember and pay respect to their lineages.
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