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Subject: E-Petition to show support for the forces, please sign up!
RM-Nod    10/11/2007 2:30:58 PM
Been a while since I’ve posted on here but I thought this deserved a home coming. Anyway, I’ve set up a petition intended to show support for the forces and dissatisfaction in current government policy. I know what you’re thinking and I agree, this probably won’t come to much but it takes no time at all to sign up and there’s no real reason not to try. I hope you all take the time to sign up and let everyone you know about it as well. Also, I'm posting this on pretty much every defence related community on the net (and offline) I can't think of, so if you see a forum or group or whatever without a link to this petition please make a new thread for it! Cheers, Mike
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RM-Nod   10/11/2007 2:34:42 PM
Bloody link,
if that doesn't work go to the number 10 website, e-petitions and search for acknowledge that the British public believe the support given to the armed forces to be inadequate.
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perfectgeneral       10/14/2007 6:13:47 PM
You've certainly been beating the drum for this petition across the boards, RM-nod. I've signed (but don't let that put you off).
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RM-Nod       10/15/2007 7:42:46 AM
That?s not the half of it! I?ve still got just about every Yahoo group with a British military contingent to spam and I?m waiting on the admin for PPrune and ARRSE lol. After that I can either contact every MP and Lord or try to see if I can get a major newspaper to support the petition, don?t know which to do first.
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John G       10/15/2007 11:40:26 AM
I signed when I read your post on Yaku.
And all the other petitions asking for more Military Funding/resources/ships...
I dont think it will make a difference tho mate.
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bob the brit       3/19/2008 4:12:32 PM

The Government does not set the level of Defence spending as a proportion of an economic model which can vary due to many factors. What matters is the resources provided to the MOD to enable the Armed Forces to carry out the tasks placed on them. The Comprehensive Spending Review, announced in July 2007, gave the MOD an average annual increase in its Budget of 1.5% in real terms. By 2011, the Defence Budget will be some £36.9Bn - 11% higher in real terms than it was in 1997, this marks the longest sustained period of growth in the Defence Budget since the 1980s.

The settlement has allowed us to proceed with a number of equipment programmes that will equip the Armed Forces to meet the challenges they face both now and in the future. These cover the full range of military hardware, from aircraft carriers to man-portable weapon systems.

We will also continue to invest in our people. We are investing some £630m over the next three years on improving Service accommodation. We have recently accepted all the recommendations of the recent report by the independent Armed Forces Pay Review Body. As a result, members of the Armed Forces will receive an average pay increase of 3.6% from the 1st April 2008. In addition to basic pay, we have also improved the overall welfare package for those in operational theatres, including tax-free operational allowances and council tax rebates for those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan together worth up to about £2500. We have also introduced free parcel post and increased access to the internet for those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Of course, the Defence Budget does not cover the cost of mounting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. These costs are met from the Treasury Reserve - which has contributed over £9.9Bn since 2001. Of this, over £3Bn has been approved for the purchase of Urgent Operational Requirements to give commanders on the ground the equipment they need quickly. This has provided better force protection measures such as the Bulldog and Mastiff vehicles and Osprey Body Armour.
...well that's the email response to the petition.
look at the date set for the planned average pay increase [i've highlighted it]. bet they'll turn 'round and say april fools.
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Yimmy       3/19/2008 4:30:22 PM
You just have to appreciate good spin.

They clearly worked out (bright little fellows they are) that 3% of GDP is more than they are currently spending on defence, and so circumnavigated the issue by stating to fix the defence budget on an economic model is a bad idea.  They then go on to mention what they have been doing (which is of questionable relevance) before stating that they are rising the budget more so than any time back to the 1980's - the 1980's being yesterday in real terms, with the 1990's being the Cold War closing down sale.

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