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Subject: British Army acquires interim anti-structure munition
flamingknives    8/24/2007 2:15:07 PM the form of the Talley Defense Systems M72A9. As reported on Not much to dislike about this weapon. Light and handy, decent effect and not too much backblast. I wonder how the contracted dynamit nobel ASM will fare in comparison?
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Lawman       8/30/2007 5:19:35 AM
An excellent decision. The Dynamit Nobel one is quite a hefty piece of kit, and seems to be somewhat specialised, i.e. not the sort of thing that would just be issued to a platoon on patrol... The M72A9 is light enough to be carried routinely, and if issued in good enough numbers, would give every fireteam sufficient firepower for most purposes, without having to bring in a larger system, which would most likely be left in the vehicles, or back at base most times.
All we need now is for them to get the regular M72 versions as well, to operate alongside the all-singing all-dancing MBT-LAW. It would be a heck of a lot lighter and more handy that the AT4 currently issued, though I often wondered why they went for the AT4 and not the easier to carry SMAW-D.
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flamingknives       8/30/2007 1:42:52 PM
M72 in the anti-armour role, AIUI:
Does not have a confined space option, AT4 does
Only defeats about 300mm armour, AT4 defeats 500mm+
Only shoots 200m, AT4 goes 300-400m

When comparing AT4 with the LAW80 it replaced:
LAW80 defeats 600mm+ armour
LAW80 shoots 500m 
LAW80 includes spotting rifle for applying accurate lead on a moving target
LAW80 cannot be fired from confined spaces, or with someone behind you.

SMAW-D is very nice against structures, but it does not have a confined space capability and is only effective against light armour.

The Dynamit Nobel ASM is about 10kg, but both NLAW and LAW80 weigh more. LAW80 was issue in multiples per section.
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neutralizer       8/31/2007 4:17:00 AM
M72 was replaced in UK service by LAW80, it's just that UK didn't usually call it M72 but '66mm Rkt'.  LAW80 was introduced because they wanted something that would do more to a tank than cause its crew to giggle.
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