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Subject: Sixth C-17 purchase for RAF announced
EssexBoy    7/27/2007 1:26:14 PM
This seems to have been missed amid all the fanfare for the CVFs h**p:// Good news - any chance we could pull out of the A400M project and just buy a load more C17s instead?
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perfectgeneral       7/27/2007 1:32:04 PM
Are there any jobs that a A400M could do better than a C130J or a C17? I guess we have to weight up any advantage against the cost of maintaining another aircraft type. I think it more likely that the C130J will be phased out, than the A400M overlooked, should we have to choose.
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Yimmy       7/27/2007 2:03:46 PM
I am sure in the future A400M will compliment and eventually replace C130J.

The C130 is really getting on in the years now, while other future projects such as FRES are looking to the A400M.

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spsun10000       8/4/2007 7:37:15 AM
It would be great to think these were in addition to and not in place of existing or planned capability. The rumour is that a new C117 will be ordered each year until the production line closes. It's a fantastic aircraft so this is great news.
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JIMF       9/26/2007 3:00:38 PM

"With several hundred Boeing employees in attendance, representatives of the U.K. Ministry of Defence also used the ceremony ( MOD representative installing a rivet on the UKs 5th C-17) to publicly announce that the MOD was officially beginning negotiations with Boeing for the purchase of a sixth C-17.
"Since we received our first in 2001, the C-17 has put in an outstanding performance for us. The C-17s have done a great job, a fantastic job," said James Evan, the customer's C-17 team leader. "Everybody in the U.K. is behind the C-17.""
Boeing is also paying advanced costs on 10 additional aircraft for USAF.  That means they expect another order.  There was also a 3 aircraft NATO order, and some other potential sales to Saudi etc. have been discussed.  The current production rate is approximately 15 aircraft per year, but that may drop to 8 - 10. 
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