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Subject: New Regimental/battalion role specialization
Worcester    2/2/2005 11:55:47 PM
Has anyone seen a breakdown of the ORBAT for the infantry battalion role specialization by light/medium/heavy? I note the CGS said last week that battalions within the Field Army brigade org would now increase from 19 to 23 presumable with the new fixed roles. It's fairly easy to figure out the slots available but I wondered if anyone knows who will go where precisely?
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Yimmy    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization   2/3/2005 10:24:52 PM
Not relating to your question (of which I have no idea) - but if you don't mind my asking, why do you strive so to have such an in depth knowledge of the British military?
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Worcester    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization- Yimmy   2/4/2005 6:30:14 PM
(a) Simply a decades old professional interest in our most important European ally. (b) The UK has invented a disproportionate share of military technology and doctrine. (c) With smaller forces you can try structures which would cause us huge dislocation and political rief. (d) With a smaller budget, your prioritization and "thinking outside the box" has to be better.
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Yimmy    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization- Yimmy   2/21/2005 8:21:14 PM
Oh, our government think outside of the box alright... their in a world of their own.
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neutralizer    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization- Yimmy   3/30/2005 5:24:36 AM
Actually the allocation of 23 bns isn't overly clear. There are 9 bns in mech and 4 (previously 6) in armde bdes (=13). 16 AAB is now 4 (previously 3) (=17) (previously = 18) its a bit difficult. That leaves 6 bns, assume the Lt Bde has 4 like 16 AAB (=21). Where are the other 2? Then there's the matter of 5 fmn recce regts, 1 per div, 1 for 16 AAB, assume 1 for Lt Inf bde. Assume the 3 supports 3 Cdo Bde and other tasks. Interesting that it now looks like 'lt' bdes with 4 inf bns and 1 recce regt.
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neutralizer    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization   3/30/2005 5:33:04 AM
Supplementary comment, since UK took to publishing doctrinal stuff (I won't debate whether or not they've had 'doctrine' before) there are some very good examples of military thinking. BMD, HLOC and JSP777 are very interesting examples of some of the leading military thinking today.
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Worcester    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization- Yimmy   3/30/2005 12:31:11 PM
I suspect the 2 "additional" to get 23 will be Warrior making 6 in 1 Div. A little top heavy for 2 armd brigades perhaps, but....since each Infantry organizational "Division" (Guards, Scottish, Kings, Queens, PoW, Light) is supposed to have at least 1 bn in each of the roles, and there are six "Divisions", that means a minimum 6 armd. I suspect they'll "hide" the additional 2 bn in 1 UK Divisional reserve and at WArminster (demo unit) if not actually in 7 & 20 armd Brigades.
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Worcester    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization: Neutralizer   3/30/2005 12:33:23 PM
Of the 4 bn in 16AAB, presumably you're NOT including 1Para which is leaving the line.
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neutralizer    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization: Neutralizer   4/1/2005 10:40:33 PM
16 AAB has only ever had a 2 para bns, they've always rotated them. I doubt the Warrior idea, there are all sorts of issues and these are the most expensive type of bn. One possibility is that they are un-brigaded and earmarked for the EU, just as there used to be a bn assigned to the AMF(L).
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Worcester    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization: Neutralizer   4/6/2005 6:15:18 PM
"I doubt the Warrior idea...un-brigaded for the EU" Given everything that the CGS and others have said and put in writing it seems obvious that the future structure is quite straightforward. Postings and roles will be fixed and careers managed by rotation within or between regiments, preferably within administrative infantry divisions. Scottish, Kings, PoW and Light divisions: 5 battallions each (3 + 2) Queens division: 6 battalions (2 + 2 + 2) Guards division: 5 battallions (all single) There is a need in a fixed role army for these 6 divisions to have a minimum 1 of each (except Guards wont do mech):- A. Warrior battallions...x 6 (4 found in 7th and 20th Bdes, 2 found in other areas like 1 Div reserve [do NEED a reserve] or Warminster) B. Mechanized battallions...x 5 (excludes Guards) (9 found in 1, 4, 12 Bdes, plus 1 in 3 Div reserve)..i.e. 10 mech postings so 2 mech per division. C. Light Formation...x 6 (6 found in 16 AA Bde [2 bn plus the 2 Para bn] and 19 Light Bde [4 bn]). So, Scottish, Kings, PoW and Light will EACH have 1 armd, 2 mech, 1 light formation and 1 light role (loose/garrison/ceremonial/whatever). Queens div the same but an additional light role loose. Guards will have 1 armd, 1 light role formation, 1 light role loose and 2 Public Duties. Obviously, the 3 bn regiments will get the armd role and share the mech and light with the 2 bn regiments; Queens div will share more. It will also be interesting to see whether Para Regt goes back to wider recruitment. Having a single role with the option of Colchester or Colchester when other regiments have fa better career opportunities may account as much for the 6% under strength as the selection process. The principal problem was always the other infantry regiments in 1940-1965 always had a problem letting their best soldiers go. Understandable.
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Worcester    RE:New Regimental/battalion role specialization: Example   4/6/2005 6:25:12 PM
There are four role variants (armd, mech, light formation, light unspecified) and three geographic variants (UK, Germany, other). Since most divisions are 5 battallions of two regiments, an example of fixed ole permanent posting which can be duplicated for each division and allows career flexibility:- Kings Division 1 Yorks (armd formation, Germany [7 or 20 Bde]) 2 Yorks (mech formation, UK [1 or 12 Bde]) 3 Yorks (light, unassigned) 1 KLB (mech formation, Germany [4Bde]) 2 KLB (light formation, UK [16 or 19 Bde]) You can replicate the struture across the whole Field Army and simply rotate soldiers, if not within their regiment, then at least within their administrative division. I was simply wondering with the obvious "slots" if anyone had confirmation of who was going where.
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